Saturday, March 10, 2018

EC2018 - Day 7a

Mzee pulled into Key Largo last night at around midnight wrapping up an epic Everglades Challenge for Team Kruger.  Congratulations!

However, the adventure continues for Bacon, who is paddling all the way around Florida!  He left early this morning looking to take advantage of favorable winds for a quick run up the east coast.
If you are on Facebook, he is posting updates here:

Thursday, March 8, 2018

EC2018 - Day 6i

And now, even more Team Kruger finishers!
Finishing in the smokey haze are Whale, Bacon, HuronHugh and GitchyGoomy.  Congratulations guys!

EC2018 - Day 6h

Many finishers!

First Kruger of the day was SandyBottom at 2:30 this afternoon.

...followed closely by three Cruisers at around 4.  Congratulations to Mark, Lauren, Brian, Marissa, Mark P and Donna!

EC2018 - Day 6g

The Cruisers are on final approach to Key Largo!  LeewardLauren just sent in this great video of the action.

EC2018 - Day 6f

I love that there is good cell coverage in Florida Bay :)  It means we can get a glimpse of how trying the conditions are and how hard our intrepid expeditioners are working... or something like that...

EC2018 - Day 6e

It looks like Mark and Lauren's portage wheels can't take the stress anymore and are trying to get away!

EC2018 - Day 6d

Four SeaWind canoes left CP3 just after 9:15:
HuronHugh and GitchyGoomy - SeaWind catamaran

Bacon and Whale

EC2018 - Day 6c

Three Kruger Cruisers let CP3 this morning just after 8.

SandyBottom sneaked out before the other Krugerheads woke up, since she is already past the Dump Keys.  Looks like there should be lots of finishers today!

EC2018 - Day 6b

Direct from Facebook... a great account from GitchyGoomy:
"Day 5/6. 
It’s actually a blend of days because it’s been pretty continuous. This is a pic of our campsite yesterday. Left early and battled weather all down the coast. Dodging thunderstorms. Do you remember that scene in the movie ‘Last of the Mohicans’ when the doomed British dudes were being chased in a canoe by the really mean Indian guys? That was us. The British guys. Except we were fleeing a storm. And our canoes are smaller. And we have cooler paddles. And we’re not British. But you get the point.
We kind of freaked out when we saw lightning, ducked into a beach, put up a tarp shelter and built a small fire. Ready for the storm.
After about 15 raindrops the storm passed. So we pressed on. Some seriously scary following seas—constantly fighting getting swamped. Decided to cut the corner at the bottom of the state instead of go around to avoid that stuff at night.
After some seriously Jurassic Park-lookin’ river paddling for 8 more hours we got here at Flamingo at 3:30 am. Then had to break down the boats to do a small portage.
Then sleep for 1 1/2 hours. Then up and now getting ready for last 40 miles into Key Largo.
My body hasn’t ever been subjected to anything like this before. It’s been an interesting experience to find out what we are capable of.
I also learned it is possible to wash my feet in the sink here at the marina. I literally gagged at the smell from them being in wet suit boots for 6 days. Couldn’t deal.
Thanks for the prayers. They worked because the winds have been the right direction and we are almost there."

EC2018 - Day 6a

From our roving reporter in CP3, NiteNavigator:
"I fall asleep for 1/2  hour and 3 Kruger canoes show up.  I would have taken a picture of Kapakahi & boo but they already crawled in their tent.  All are going to sleep for a while"

Even more Kruger's had shown up by the morning.  
Whale and Bacon

Mark and Lauren's Cruiser

Brian and Marissa's Cruiser (front)
HuronHugh and GitchGoomy's SeaWind catamaran (rear)