Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Kruger Canoes to attend Quiet Water Symposium

Join us on March 7th as the Quiet Water Symposium celebrates non-motorized outdoor recreation and a shared concern for our Great Lakes Environment.

At the Symposium visitors will find presentations by world famous authors, photographers, and expedition travelers. Other presentations may cover skills, safety, local and distant destinations. There may be presentations on bicycling, sailing, diving, and history.

The Symposium has a wide range of exhibits on the show floor. You will find clubs and nature centers. Handcrafted and historic watercraft will be on display.

Biking, hiking and water trails are represented. Conservation and watershed groups are available. A number of outfitters and liveries are represented to support your outdoor adventures. We have a growing selection of outdoor oriented retailers as well.

Product review

A possible tip. One of my purchases this year was a new CAG for my seakayak. I chose the lighter Kokatat version rather than the heavier Reed ChillCheater model or even the non-breathable model sold at SeaKayak Georgia. I've had good experience with Kokatat, and the quality of thier products.

But the best surprise ever, was how nicely it also fits around my Dreamcatcher cockpit, since it's so fully adjustable (I'm not sure how the other models would fit the Kruger). It's the perfect foul weather jacket when you need that little bit of extra, and the orange color is a great safety feature. Its not cheap, a definite splurge, but also not something you would wear often, so should last forever.
Dawn Stewart (SandyBottom)