Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thursday Bushwacker updates

Todd & Jerry finished at 1:15am, pretty awesome considering that's a difficult stretch of the river to navigate at night. Congrats guys!

Carl got done with the portage at 9:45am and was on the Pine at 10:23am. Theresa said she hopes he gets done in time to take a shower before tonights ceremony....for all our sake :-)

Carl was at Schmied Bridge at 3:15pm

Carl finished at 7:05pm to the cheers from follow paddlers and friends. We're all so proud of you Carl!! Woot Woot!!

Kathy L.

The final phase

Mike and Dan put in a long morning of scrubbing off the bricks. Big thanks for their efforts!! But the "Dip of the Paddle" Award goes to the artist aka "GARN", he did a fantastic job!!

Amazing workmanship!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wednesday Bushwhacker updates

Jacob took Todd & Jerry a set of portage wheels and reported they made it to the portage at 12:01pm.

Jack finished the Bushwhacker at 12:45pm and thinks he bettered last years time by several hours (actually quit abit, he finished last year at 8:00pm). He said he sure wished he could paddle at night, but the going was just too tough, he said the upper Pine was very difficult. Congrats Jack....awesome!!!

Todd & Jerry finished their portage at 4:54pm.

Theresa emailed that Carl made it to the portage tonight and is camping there tonight and is planning on finishing tomorrow in time for the awards ceremony! She stopped and fed him twice as she said it seemed to have helped him, she said Carl admitted he didn't bring the right food. He said he's looking foreward to seeing everyone tomorrow night.

Posted by Kathy L.

The writing is on the wall

" Kids at play on the Pine River"
The writing is on the wall, teams and solos are coming in after huge challenges on the chippy and pine rivers. The race has been extended, more bushwhacking for your buck!!

A mile stone has been reached

30 days left till the dedication and things are moving along, the bricks are installed and next week we start laying sod around the base and put the finishing touch on the site.

The next mile stone is June 26Th The dedication!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Reschedule the Bushwhacker Awards Ceremony

10:00 am Tuesday:
Mark just called and says because of the Chippewa being high and the Pine being low, the time to finish will be longer, and wants to give everyone an extra day to finish.
The Awards Ceremony will now be Thursday evening at the Lumber Jack Park in Riverdale at 6pm

Kathy L.

Tuesday Bushwhacker Updates

Jacob made it to the portage at 5:55am this morning.

Mark & Matt's Spot shows that they arrived back to Lumber Jack Park at 1:08pm!! Congrats guys...great job!! :-)

Jack checked in around supper time, said he he's doing well and hopes to be done tomorrow. He also mentioned the wildlife & scenery has been awesome.

Theresa said Carl didn't get as far today as she hoped. She met him at the Mission Rd. Bridge (old 27) and fed him a hot supper of coney dogs and cold Dr. Pepper. He wanted her to relay a complaint to Scott about his boat.....he says that the motor doesn't work worth a ...., and the air conditioning isn't funtioning! Sure is good to see he still has a good sence of humor :-) Theresa thinks the heat is taking a toll on him...thinks he should be drinking more water. She said he's happy the awards ceremony is delayed a day, and said we better save him some hotdogs!

Jacob finished at Lumber Jack Park at 7:45 pm....another aesome job!!

Kathy L.

Work of Art

Dan and Jason started putting in the engraved bricks today. They plan on having all the bricks in by tomorrow.

Bring on the Sprint

Roxane and Dan paddled the Bush Whacker Sprint with her niece Carol Stahl and her friend Wendy Ceren. This was their first experience bushwhacking and they did very well, no tip overs.

The # 8 Budweiser canoe hit the wall a few times but were able to continue in the race on their way to Alma.

Roxane had a good time swatting away the swarms of flies. :-)

Dan Smith Reporting

Monday, May 24, 2010

It's another hot one!

Jacob called yesterday and reported he was at the McGrudger Bridge at 3:33pm

Jack called this morning at 6:30 and said he camped close to the next bridge past McGrudger, and was just getting ready to get back under way...first on his agenda was to find a drinking water source.

Mark called at 12:30, they were just getting ready to make the Mt Pleasant portage, they are doing well and expect to finish tonight in the early morning hours!

Theresa Cole sent me a note this morning telling me she looked for Carl last evening but never caught up with him. He ended up camping between the Homer & Meridian Rd. bridges last night. Emily did spot Mark & Matt at the Buck's Run Golf Coarse between 6:15 & 6:30pm as they were searching for Carl. They are meeting Carl this morning for some water...and a Dr. Pepper he was dreaming of all day yesterday :-)

Jacob was at Mt. Pleasant's Island Park at 6:30pm.

Jack called at 9:45 pm, he just made it to US27, and says he's doing good!

Theresa just let me know Carl is settled on an island just past Coleman Rd. for the night. She said he sounds much better tonight, and he said he's going to finish "the sucker". Sounds like the pep talk and the treats she gave him this morning helped!~

No word today from Todd & Jerry and Brian today.

posted by Kathy

Ramble on

Carl Cole called in and stated he got in to the Nature Center around 4:00pm on Sunday. Said he pretty tired but in good spirits. A wild ride as he got caught in a couple of strainers and tussled with a couple of log jams. Keeper movin Carl!!
Mark called said his protege Matt is hanging in there. "Never thought a 10 oz paddle could weigh so much'!" Mark says they're doing great and are on their way to the M20 bridge.

Photos are courtesy of Kathy, she has more photos in the drop box. Enjoy!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bush Whacker Photos by

Mike Smith

Great shots Mike!!

Bushwhacker Update Sunday morning

George, Bruce, Jacob, Mark & Matt pulled into the Chippewa Nature Center within minutes of each other in the early morning hours. They all spent the night camped at the Nature Center Canoe Landing. Mark & Matt left shortly before Jacob on their arduous trek up the Chippewa River around 7 this morning. Last night Carl made it to St. Louis and camped under some pines and could hear the highway traffic from his camp. Brian said he look a nasty spill yesterday and lost his paddle for about 45 minutes, but thankfully the River Gods returned it back to him, but not until after he had to use a tree branch to pole down the river a ways. Todd & Jerry broke their portage wheels at the Alma portage, Jack was kind enough to let them use his wheels at the St. Louis portage and Dan Smith is going to get a replacement to them fot the big portage back to the Pine from the Chippewa. So far everyone has stayed healthy, lets pray that it stays so!

Kathy L. reporting

Mark and Matt

Mark and Matt at the pre-start Bushwhacker 150

Working the black "magic"

Bob and Mike Bradford make tracks, putting on a clinic in the 1/2 Whacker. Manitou called a few hours in and stated all he saw was shore damage from the wake they were making!
Bob called in after the event, message a bit garbled, but what I took away from it was it was a great run and great fun!
The Capt'n Reporting

Saturday, May 22, 2010

After the usual jam-up at the gun the 2010 Bushwhacker was off and paddleing at 8:30 am

Bushwacker Line-up:

10 Mile Sprint:
Lynn Phillips/Steve Benn - 3rd - 2:39
Adam Hoberek Jr./Brian Hoberek - 2nd - 2:36
Nate Helman/Troy Goodrich - no time
Michael & Adam Brady - 6th - 3:27
Evelyn & Dustin Miller - 4th - 3:01
Frank & Alexis Myrice - 5th - 3:04
Zachary Loomis/Klinton Adams - 1st - 2:33
Jason Kruger - 1st - 2:17
Morgan Vallen - 5th - 3:33
Clark Hubbard - 6th - 3:38
Jay Maigen - 3rd - 3:08
Scott Smith -2nd - 2:31
Micah Brady - 4th - 3:26

70 Mile Half Whack
Mike & Bob Bradford - CP1-3:15 pm - Finished 8:06pm
Bruce Kurzhals - CP1-5:10pm - Finished 12:16am
George Stockman - CP1-5:05pm - Finished 12:16am

150 Mile Bushwhacker
Mark & Matt Przedwojewski - CP1-5:40pm - CP2-12:20am
Jerry & Todd Cesar - CP1-6:45pm - CP2-11:35am
Brian Keel - CP1-7:55pm - CP2-11:31am
Jack Murgittroyd - CP1-6:40pm - CP2-11:05am
Carl Cole - CP1-9pm - CP2-4pm
Jacob Cesar - CP1-5:24pm - 12:20am

Posted by Kathy L.

We are two

hours out from the start of the running of the 2010 Bush Whacker!
The weather Gods have shown mercy and have offered balmy tempatures for mid-May.
Manitou is changing it up a bit and will be paddling "BIG MEDICINE" a Kruger Cruiser with his nephew Scooter Jensen out of ... OK I don't know his name but this is media sensationalism, so play along. wup wup.... hut!
To play along leave comments and banter on the comment section of each post; follow along with SPOT navigation, posted to the right >>>>. Click and watch their every move!
If Manitou gets his finger out of his ear and forwards pics, they will posted in the drop box to the right as well. As an example, take a look at a couple of "Mexican Hotties" my friend Tex brought back from Mexico! You ole dawg you >>>>>
The Capt'n Reporting

Friday, May 21, 2010

Black Magic gets wet

for another Bush Whacker event.
Bob and Mike Bradford aren't as crazy as we thought, they're only half whacked this year as they take on 1/2 Whacker. Click here to be inspired.
They will be in a little boat we like to call "Black Magic" - With any luck; the "Kruger Boys" will switch out "Black Magic" with "Ole #10" while they're sleeping.
Capt'n Reporting

Laying down...

the bricks!

"Cutting" is the word in getting this compass rose in place, all day long cutting cutting cutting!!! It looks great, I like it!!
Some of the engraved bricks will be installed starting today Friday the 27th, weather permitting, its raining right now and a tad soggy.
Our focus turns to the rivers; The Bush Whacker starts tomorrow, Saturday morning at 8:30am. Time to get whacked!.... Again!

Kruger Memorial

Compass Rose
The "Compass Rose", is taking shape. The crew will eventually begin replacing bricks with names, as they are currently shaping for the Compass Rose.
Lots of cutting and figuring all the angles, these guys are good. Everyone is waiting in anticipation of the finished product, which will be very soon.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bush Whacker 2010 and SPOT

We are starting a link section to the right for all the participants that are using SPOT during the Bush Whacker. If you would like to be seen, send your public link to: brian AT yahoo DOT com

Paddle Paddle >>>>>>>>>>>>>

Verlen Kruger Memorial

Laying the Bricks

The Brick guys came in and stayed late!! Phase one; putting one inch of sand in and compacting it to grade.
Phase two; installing the bricks from the outside to the rock. Then cutting of the compass rose; installing the engraved bricks will start tomorrow. Stay tuned as things begin to take shape, a vision realized.
Project manager Dan Williams from Garn Hardscapes and his assistant Jason Locke are dialed in in take their job seriously as you can tell, A big thank you!!
-These Boys "Rock"

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Bush series...

No this ain't NASCAR.
Bushwhacking begins May 22nd!
All Events begin at 8:30am with a shot gun start at Lumberjack Park.
The Bushwhacker Sprint10 technical miles down the Pine River to Sumner Park. There will be a few downfalls and a stretch of fast water so be prepared for some "Bushwhacking". Entry fee, $10 per boat.
The Bushwhacker Cruise25 Bushwhacking miles down the Pine River to Alma City Park (aka: Alma Boat Launch) downtown Alma. The Cruise is set up for those who do not wish to do the full 150, or 75 mile events, but wish to spend a little more time on the water than the Sprint offers. Cruisers will travel down river on the Pine to the town of Alma. This will include a bunch of "Bushwhacking" to get past a fairly congested spot just past the town of Sumner. Cruisers may wish to take two days to complete this route, we will have camping available, no fee, for Cruisers and their land teams at Cesar's Crossing, 7195 West Polk Rd. Alma, MI 48801. Entry fee, $20 per boat.
The Halfwhacker 75 estimated miles down the Pine River ending at the Chippewa Nature Center. Camping available, no fee, for Halfwhackers and their land teams at Cesar's Crossing, 7195 West Polk Rd. Alma, MI 48801. Entry fee, $30 per boat.
The Bushwhacker 150
150 miles down the Pine River, through the towns of Alma and St. Louis and on down to the confluence at the Chippewa River. At the Chippewa Nature Center we turn and head up-stream on the Chippewa River, up through the town of Mt. Pleasant and on up to the take out for the portage at Gilmore Rd. Bridge. The 7 mile portage starts with a steep climb out of the Chippewa River Valley and up onto a nice country road route that will take us back over to the Pine River at the Pleasant Valley Rd. Bridge. Once back in the Pine River it's just a short downstream bushwhacking paddle to the finish at Lumber Jack Park. Entry fee, $50 per boat.
Get whacked at: Click here

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Big Pour

The "Big Pour" was on Thursday May 6th. A big shout out to Heath and Mike Moyer of Goose Creek Foundations for the construction of the base and all the cement work. Man that's a big job; Nice effort gentlemen!!

Photo and candid camera recognition goes to Steve Willard and Dan Smith. Say. "More cement please!!"

We are now ready for the bricks and have scheduled laying them out on Monday May 24!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Rock on!!

The 7960 pound rock that Verlen will be sitting on is now in place and ready for the cement to be poured when we get the rest of the forms in place.

As you can see some wedging was needed to get it level. If all goes well the cement will be poured Wednesday afternoon.

A special "Thank You" to Cook Brothers Excavating of Portland for donating the rock and for all their help getting it to the site and helping put it in place.

Special shout out to Steve Willard for being our camera man of the day...