Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Team Kruger goes FaceBook

Team Page:

It just makes sense with smart phones and new technology that we start a team page; open to all viewers to post their Kruger inspired adventures.

What does it take to join "Team Kruger" you ask?  Find any current team member out on the pond and they'll show you the secret handshake and you're in.  It involves lots of twenties in your palm during the handshake  :-)

Monday, March 11, 2013

"Say What?" - EC Over?

What an event!  The reporting on the FB page, minute by minute posts by numerous peeps in the know was fantastic!  It appears a bunch of renegade adventures started the FB page throwing caution to the wind and started posting like mad men and women; brilliant as the tracking map and the results page along with forum pages on the WT site don't always tell the story.

The combination of all the sites made it a great event to watch; hats off the Chief, Paula and all the volunteers that made the event a true success for the viewer.  It seemed a bit redundant my reposting info when you could get it first hand.

What's happening next you ask?  Hang on to your Tilley:

Monday, March 4, 2013

EC day 3

What a great day for watching the challenge; records fall as the weather Gods produce near perfect conditions for the sailors; now the paddle sailors and paddlers grind it out for the next 4 days.

Almost up to the minute reporting seen at

If there was ever a reason to join FaceBook, this is it.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

EC day 2

Day two is getting underway; appears it was quite the downhill sleigh ride to CP 1; those in the know stayed inside on the ICW; the no guts no glory two shots of courage from a rum bottle stayed on the outside.

Plenty more adventure to be had if you scan the Event Tracker WT forum and the Facebook page that was started; it's almost like you are there, sort of.

Team Kruger divided between class 1 and class 3 are doing well; all have cleared CP 1, which is great news; adventure on!!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

EC 2013 hour 1

"Sailors to the left of me paddlers to the right; stuck on the computer with you"

ready set.... GO!!! >>>>>>>

The Start Via WT Tracking map

Rush hour at Fort Desoto Beach

photo Paula M,
Grid lock at Fort Desoto as everyone is looking for the best line off the beach; there is a tricky sand bar 30 feet off shore that some will need to navigate up over and around depending on the draft of their vessel.
This is it, moments away from Chief's military Marine style of launching the 2013 event!  Settle in and watch it unfold!
Awesome threads started at:

Friday, March 1, 2013

WaterTribe - Everglades Challenge 2013

Forum          Tracking Map

We are 24 hours away from the spectacle of homemade, high tech low drag, paddle sail row and peddle competition known as the Everglades Challenge.

Team Kruger has been there since the conception of this unforgiving challenge; like most long running competitions the team members have change over the years, but the Kruger experience lives on.

Who could forget those savvy salty sea dogs of the early 2000; oh those were the days!! Fear not my coffee clutching wannabe seafaring adventures; the excitement continues as we present to you

TEAM KRUGER class of 2013!!

(aka royd whedon)
Class 3,
Single Male
Kruger Dreamcatcher

(aka Danny Laboy)
Class 3,
Single Male
Kruger Sea Wind #265. BSD and PAS sails.

(aka Benjamin Algera)
Class 1,
Single Male
Kruger Sea Wind #266 with 1M sail

(aka Joe Tousignant)
Class 1,
Single Male
Kruger Sea Wind #50

(aka Charles Wolfe
Class 3,
Single Male
Kruger Sea Wind.

(aka Dawn Stewart)
Class 1,
Single Female
Kruger Dreamcatcher with FEKs sail.