Monday, June 30, 2014

"340 miles of wind, heat, bugs and rain." ~ MR 340

Everything you want to know about the 2014 MR 340 (Tuesday, July 8th, Solo ~ 7 a.m. Tandem ~ 8 a.m.) racers you know and love! “This ain’t no mama’s boy float trip.” Here is the whole enchilada the baby & the bathwater, er river water. Prepare to be amazed! Here are your racers:

Team  Nightspiritsix ~ Boat number #6420 ~ OC-6 Outrigger Canoe ~ Paddling Legends : Everett Crozier, Marinette, WI, Toby Nipper, Fort Myers, FL, Dick Ulbrich, Weston, MA, Janet Bradford, Lapeer, MI, Michael Bradford, Lapeer, MI, and Mike Smith, Portland, MI
Shore Support : Jerry Davis

BIO:  DICK ULBRICH  Age 73, Started paddling at 50 - Molokai (4)  Kona-Queen Lili (6) General Clinton (19) Everglades Challenge (in this canoe). “Awesome team!!”

BIO: Toby Nipper Age 63, “Have a whole 7 years of paddling, green, green horn in this crowd.. longest event 1200 miles with 40 mile portage, done a few others, and learned fast (had awesome teachers). Been across lower Michigan from Detroit to Chicago, been under the Mac bridge and have crossed Michigan in a few other places. Been across Missouri three times. Done a few WaterTribe events also, one three hundred miler Watertribe event in this same OC6. Luv the crew for this one.. We will have a 7th on this trip. There will be a Menehune on the traditional back step at the transom. One rode with us in the EC in one of the hardest years, we finished! I will be bringing one with us on this one also for sure. (gotta have someone to talk to late at night.) “

BIO: Janet Bradford  Age 69, Started racing at age 59. Eight everglades challenges,  two of those in 6 person outrigger. Two 90 mile Adirondack canoe races. 3 AuSable Marathons. One Tip of the Mitt Kruger Adventure. Four Kruger 100 milers. Four United States Canoe Marathons. Wife of what's his name?

BIO: Mike Bradford Age 49, 34 years racing. One 124 mile La Classique in Quebec. 18 AuSable Marathons. 4 seventy mile general Clinton New York races. One Shore To Shore Kruger race. One BushWhacker race on Pine and Chippewa river. Three time Masters Champion in United States Canoe Championships.

BIO: MIKE SMITH Age, 64. Approximately 20,000 miles paddled. Finlandia Clean Water Challenge 1,000 miles Chicago to NY. One MR 340. One AuSable Marathon (120 mi.) "Shore To Shore and more" (490 mi.) Two 150 mile "Campus to Coast". Plus a few 150 mile BushWhackers. 

Brian Weber ~ Lake Mills, WI ~ Boat #0017 ~ Kruger Sea Wind

BIO: Brian Weber “I find at my advanced age I can't remember much of anything that would entertain amuse or have you gasp in sheer delight; but I will say that I was born to water and have spent the best of times while on the water with some great friends old and new, along with a few of you ole salty dogs as well;  sailing has always been my passion bouy and blue water; canoeing took the forefront after a conversation with Stan Hanson back in 2006; opening  my mind to the possibilities of the canoe; met Mark P and best yet to be written. I've dabbled in a few events but mostly just out there for the fun and  inspiration to write something entertaining. ( I enjoy embellishing the truth in my writings, facts can be so misleading while rumors so revealing) 

1 EC, 2 UM's, 3 MR340's,  1 1/2 mitt voyager canoe,  Manistee 150, 100, numerous Hughie's, paddle and portaged across Costa Rica (470 km); paddled the Snowy River, Botany Bay Australia, Pacuare River Costa Rica, Caves Branch and Cayes in Belize. Mostly I share my passion with those that want to experience the waterways by sail or paddle.

Most days you'll find me on local lakes or river ways of Wisconsin; with cocktails, ice-cream stops a must on my adventures.  I call it getting on "river time" -

The Capt’n”

Ben Algera ~ Holland, MI ~ Boat #0266 ~ Kruger Sea Wind

BIO: Ben Algera “I think I may be the young one in this crowd... I'm 36.  My "handle" is Macatawa based on my home lake.
I have been paddling since I was fairly young, mostly playing around on lakes as a kid with my parents.  My father and I (and later Emily and I) have paddled the Upper Delaware River (Hancock NY to Port Jervis NJ).  More recently, I have completed 1 UM, 1 NCC, 2 ECs, 1 Halfwhacker, several Hugh Heward 25s, 1 Manistee 150, 2 AuSable runs, and most recently a MUSOC Campus to Coast.

Mark Rowe & Lauren Fry “GoFRowe" ~ Ypsilanti, MI ~ Boat #2006 ~ Kruger Cruiser

BIO: Mark Rowe & Lauren Fry Lauren and Mark both grew up paddling with family and scouts. Their first date was in a green Old Town Penobscot 16, and they’ve been paddling together ever since.  Now they’ve upgraded to a Cruiser (#41, built by Mark P.). They’ve paddled and/or sailed on every Great Lake, Lake St. Clair, and 4 of the 5 connecting waterways.  In the 1.5 years since the maiden voyage of Cruiser #41, they have completed 2 Hughies, the 2013 Tip of the Mitt 300 mile race, the 2014 Everglades Challenge, a 120 mile Au Sable River Run, a 90 mile  Iron Mushroom, and a 150 mile Campus to Coast, in addition to other adventures by sail or paddle described in their blog, They are most notable for their copious food supplies; as the Capt’n said, “they sure look comfy.”

Mark Przedwojewski & Jack Murgittroyd ~ Irons, MI / Ithaca, MI ~ Boat #0317 ~ Kruger Cruiser

Sandy Krueger ~ Eagle, WI ~ Boat #0814 ~ Kruger Sea Wind

BIO: Sandy Krueger “My first river trip was in a Cruiser with Brian in fall of 2009. 
Met some of the Kruger family October of 2011, I was told I should try this crazy challenge stuff, so in 2012 I did, the Shore to Shore, I did it again in 2013. 
I have done some solo trips that some think were "crazy"..... I'm just doing what I love! I have always been a bit of a leather trap with a pure love for adventure! 
I have done a few other challenges, my proudest moment, finishing the Everglades challenge, 2014 for my first time, solo! I have well over 850 paddling miles already this year! Next, MR340 2014, can't wait to see You all!!!!!” ~ Peace

Joe Tousignant ~ Jackson, Missouri ~ Boat # 7691 ~ '85 Sawyer Loon

BIO:  Got my first Kruger design in 2010 on a friend's recommendation and contact.  Life changing, is all I can say.  It didn't just lead me to doing races, but also a new passion for discovering new places and meeting new friends.  Really loving the BWCA and Quetico!
Racing as an excuse to paddle for 5 years, including a Gritty 50, Kawnivore 94, 2 MR340's and an Everglades Challenge.  Ground crewed for a 3rd place Cruiser men's tandem in 2012.  Looking forward to the 2014 MR340 and 2015 EC, and possibly an UF in 2016.

Charles Wolfe ~ Duluth, MN ~ Boat # 0252 ~ Epic V10Sport
Shore support: Deb Ralston

BIO:  I am a physician, father and paddler from Duluth MN. I have been paddling since I was a ridge runner in northern PA, where I grew up on a mountaintop lake. Canoes were transport to friends, tools for chasing bass AND, when older, a vehicle for courting and sparking. I found my Seawind when planning my yet unaccomplished goal of connecting my home in Duluth to my ancestral roots in PA by boat. That lead me to discover various adventures races. I have completed 4 Everglades Challenges, 3 MR340s and 1 South Dakota Kayak Challenge. The races and adventure are fun and add a goal to focus on, but it is the ability to get out on Lake Superior and it's tributaries and local lakes 3 - 5 times a week that keeps my sanity in sight and obesity at bay. It has also introduced me to many great and inspiring men and women. I am ever thankful to Deborah for not only being my ground crew but also being totally supportive of my addiction and loving me despite of myself.

~Guest bloggers Pat, Stacy & Michael