Friday, May 1, 2015

Rhododendron - I'm just saying... I looked it up!!

I recognize the boat, all worn torn and forlorn; but who's the mystery man in the skipper's seat?

Congratulations to Tracy Curtis from West Virginia for doubling his previous longest mileage day by doing the full 50 mile Hugh Heward Challenge! 

What makes this so special is his journey...

With the road sparse and the trail unmarked coming out of WV, Tracy drove late into the night [with just the "squeal" (Virginia Ham reference) of a front wheel bearing to guide him] to make the start of the HHC.

He arrives...

"Kruger-Delirium" sets in - all crusty and sleep deprived he pushes on!  Even managed a photo op.

I don't know Dude, I see a resemblance; must be that wild untamed adventure spirit showing through. West Virginia you say? Well hold on to your water and ham-steak; besides coal mines, Canaan Valley and Harper's Ferry National Historic Park it appears another state icon emerges ~ we give you Tracy Curtis, Krugerhead class of 2015.

Welcome to the Frey...

The Capt'n

Disclaimer: we reserve the right to use creative flair, embellish, and distort the truth to bring the spirit of Team Kruger forth ~ "facts can be so misleading, while rumors so revealing."