Monday, April 29, 2013

I had to post this... too funny. How to acquire a surf ski when married.

My Hugh Heward time: 4hr 9 min. Benjamin's 2012 time: 4hr 36 min. I'm feeling good!!! Don't listen to Ben's nonsense about river conditions and boat speeds...
Unlike · · · 9 hours ago near Holland, MI ·

Hugh Heward 2013 Ceremony

 The gathering of the herd; as participants mingle around before the Hugh Heward 2013 Ceremony honoring Sir James Woodruff. More on Sir James - click here

 Janet Bob and Mike Bradford chilling, waiting for "Coach" to put on a tutorial on how to change a flat tire on a bicycle. Bob's quizzical brow tells the story of confusion and dismay.

 Mike Jack and Bob - Tres amigos; no comment required; judge not.
 Two Peas in a pod; Bob and "Coach" pause for a photo op; hard to keep these too still.

 What ever floats your boat "Coach"; where's your helmet!!?
 Coach blows a tire; puts on a tutorial; Sir James in the background supervising.

 Mike Smith Memorial Brick; well said my man,well said. Adventure on.
 Participants and volunteers gather for the Hugh Heward 14th Closing Ceremony.
 Dan Smith and Charlie Parmalee honor Jim Woodruff "The Topologist on the Grand".
Hugh Heward ceremony 4/27, Dan Smith and Charlie Parmalee honor Jim Woodruff "The Topologist on the Grand" with a dish and song. Jim sports the best full beard for miles around.

Pictures by Charles Amboy.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

14th Annual Hugh Heward Challenge is on

High water, high energy, high spirits!

Get the info:

One of those must do events, steeped in history; plus a Kruger Canoe's extra, a chance to mingle at Casa Sir Jim Woodruff's. Get your paddle on you lily dippers; never to late to join in on the fun!!

Krugerheads unite!!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Day 3.5 Campus to Coast Adventure Race

Quite an amazing day for the C2C organizers, the event got picked up by the associated press and news about the event went national; this is outstanding news for those in adventure sports once thought too bizarre for main stream media.  Welcome home boys!!

Team Kruger had an amazing run during the event; all coming home with victories, competing. Yep just getting there is a win, adventure paddling must be experienced. 

There was a lot of talk of the Kruger experience, this from newbie college participants; the camaraderie, shared Intel, to the buzz on the web unique to say the least; I'd say everyone involved had an enjoyable weekend watching the Kruger-Heads and the event unfold.

So today, its gear sorting, super hot showers and treks home for those that travelled to compete.  There are stories behind the stories I sure, so I hope those that were there chime in on the Team Kruger facebook page.  Until then, adventure on.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Day 3 Campus to Coast cont...

A recap of sorts: ah, hmm; nobody has called or text me of late so this is what I know from a sleep deprived Mark Przedwojewski.

Beer is best served cold, family and friends pricesless; Connie Cannon minutes behind them when they finished; George dropped safe cheering the paddlers into Grand Haven.

Sandy Krueger SPOT took a crap and I have asked her to check in every couple of hours; she was at the 6th street dam at 4:00am EST; I was asleep 3:00am CST but jumped up like I was a contestant on the "Price is Right!"; all giddy to hear things were going great!

Mike Doty and Mike Smith Finished around 4:15am Sunday morning. They were cold and tried but happy to get out of the rain. Took a wrong turn in the swamp area that took some time to figure out and get back on track. They are crashed out in the van.

I have no news from the college participants still out there; if anyone hears anything please post; it is always a wonderful thing when people experience expedition / adventure paddling for the first time.

It's interesting how these shorter expedition events take their toll on participants; one has to decide on whether to push through sleep deprived (going for the glory) or sleep and be part of the tour.  At least on 7-10 day adventures you know everyone has to sleep; these shorter events are brutal.

Day 3 of the Campus to Coast

Day 3 at 4:00am EST I get the anticipated ding on my phone (thank ****ing goodness; it's Sandy "PeacePaddler" checking in. It has been a long day and night as family and friends wonder what is going on; we become so reliant on technology speeding us information, that the mind begins to wander scheming on all sorts of scenarios. But like most of Sandy's adventures ( the foundation of future camp fire stories ) this adventure continues on with Sandy soaking up every minute of it; she doing fine and pushing on.

Day 2 more video

Great work from Ben and Emily, trekking out, chasing down paddlers with a van full of kids to boot; most appreciated!! What we got here is two Kruger-heads pushing past Johnson State Park; Michael Doty and Mike Smith. Looling good fellas!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

day 2 - video

Ben our man in the field got some good video of Mark and Jack at Johnson Park; worn and tattered but in great spirits.

Campus to Coast Video

Some good shots of Team Kruger and Company coming through.

Day 1.5

We're getting some good information from FB groups page; this is what I know:  Mid-day Friday leader Connie Cannon had a couple of robust Kruger-heads on her tail; Mark and Jack riding wake and pushing hard. ( there was talk of hearing banjo music, but Toby is 1436 miles away, we think)

Dan Smith reports:

3:52pm EST The front runners of the campus to coast race. Connie Cannon was at Charlotte hwy bridge at 3:52pm with Mark and Jack riding her wake about 10 yards back. Mike Doty is 15 min back and Mike Smith 5min behind him. George Stockman and Sandy Krueger are 5th and 6th a hour behind Mike

Pat Harrington reports:

 11pm EST Mark & Jack clearing Wager Damn in Lyons, after beating on the beer dog back and Mike Smith clearing Brian Weber Damn / can't see George - Mr. Doty looks good and Sandy is peacing together some good times... I'm going to go rest so I can come back to this chair without fatigue...

Clinton Adams reports -Teams still in the race:

  All of Team Kruger! Old Town, Kayaking Faux Sho, Geeks, The Wizards, River Vikings, Big Dawgs (-Mitch), We just really like beer, C.A.B., Bums, and Free Kittens.

It appears all of the college have stopped for a bit this night, it is really anyone's game on the lead there. Mark and Jack have the lead for Open Expedition, but last I saw Connie is right on their tail!

Checkpoints are moving on the fly, the pack is really spreading out, and we got a 70% chance of showers and a SSE wind moving in fast! I hope teams start waking up soon and warming up before this weather hits! It is really going to be a battle of the elements today, hopefully the final teams stick it out though.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Lilly dippers and coffee sippers...

We're just hours away from the start of the Campus to Coast Adventure Race; everyone's abuzz; PeacePaddler (Sandy) stated they are on their way down to the starting area.  I've put the word out for Team Kruger to dial in their SPOT navigating devices so we can follow along real time.

I'll apologize in advance; I do have to work today, but I will be diligent in managing my break and lunch hour to get information posted to the world.

We have a Team Kruger open FaceBook groups page so feel free to post comments and encouragement to all the participants.

The Capt'n  (Kap)

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Last minute preperations

You thought I was kidding about my preparation?

As teams and solo participants gather together the necessities for the Campus to Coast; event directors are scurrying about as they develop a plan "b" around a nasty hydraulic oil spill on the river.  A famous southern country singer once said; "Hey just a hint, may be some unexpected portages. Just saying, wheels may not be a bad idea. ... don't let your babies grow up to be paddlers..."

Looks like there will be a rally over at the Smith's to fine tune bow-lights for night time travel; there was even rumor a foot that the new Kruger inspired "Mark I" would be unveiled, but security is tight around this new addition to the master's quiver of boats; don't be mislead by hazy photos that were leaked to social media outlets, this boat is something to behold. While you wait, check out the new Kruger Canoe website:

As for the commentary of the event, I'm ready.  Two pounds of red licorice, three 5 liter bags of wine; 9 sleeves of Oreo cookies, and a case of Maker's Mark at the ready.  write drunk edit sober; lets start this thing!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

SPOTS -- follow the leader Campus to Coast Adventure Race

Michael -

Sandy -

Mark and Jack -

Mike -

School is in session...

No texting while paddling - this could have been you!!

From a posting on the MSU notice board:

Campus to Coast is a 160 mile / 57hour River Adventure Race. This means simply you start at MSU's Rock on the Red Cedar go down to the Grand River and take it all the way to Grand Haven State Park on Lake Michigan. The dates of the race are April 5-7th, so expect it to be a little cold (last year we set off in the middle of a thunderstorm), this race is rain (or snow) or shine. This race is not for the weak of heart, expect to be tested by the elements and your wits; not to mention your patience with your teammate.

We will have checkpoints throughout the race to provide split times and check on racers. We are also working on having 2 areas where teams will be allowed to pitch tents and sleep or rest a few hours. Our top finishers are estimated at 36-40 hours!

So a handful of "edjumacated" Kruger fraternity and sorority brothers and sisters are going back to school - to take on the Campus to Coast; I hope they studied and did their homework; the Dean of students "Mother Nature" has been hard on those that have not prepared.

The class of 2013 appears to have 47 registered with more to follow I am sure.