Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Paddling China

God only knows what river Mike is paddling; But this for sure, he is having the time of his life in China. Ah the magic of SPOT.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

VKM - Tip of the Mitt Adventure

"The beauty of this event is the beauty of this event" - The Capt'n

Monday, December 13, 2010

China or Bust

I think Mike Smith is flying and leaving his hearty crew behind; follow along and see China through the magic of SPOT.
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Friday, December 3, 2010

Peters Bayou put in

Dan Smith in a Kruger Sea Breeze - Deer Hunting

Mark's Spot - Click Here
Really only one true way to celebrate the first real snow; paddling into the Manistee National Forest. Jack Murgittroyd and Mark making tracks.
Mark left me a quick message said they were on an overnight; good idea to leave a float plan, one never knows what one will find on the river in December. Smart to team up as well. Looking forward to some pics of their trip to share.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Paddle this...

Big trips can be hard on gear. The S2S and a tad more was brutally hard on paddles, especially with the up hill slog on the Au Sable.
As Manitou trys to get his head around a trip report; he mills around the shop getting some Kevlar around some tattered paddles.
Stay tuned as a trip report is coming... It's a definite maybe.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

No wimps allowed...

Paddling pair surpasses goal in 490-mile journey across Lower Peninsula - more...

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

MC2 bid you Adu

I'd like to send a huge Thanks out to everyone that supported, followed or looked in during our semi epic journey across and around Michigan these past few weeks. We had a great time during our travels and we hope you all were able to glean at least a small inkling of the joy we found in our wilderness travels.
I always consider myself fortunate to have the skill, ability and family support be able to take excursions like this one and having folks like y'all interested in it makes it even that much more special. So many of you have expressed your excitement in our journey and we are grateful for all of your positive thoughts, prayers and wishes.
Mike and I are both working on trip reports that we will have complete and posted in the next few weeks, please check back for “the rest of the story”.

This photo shows a good view of the brick patio that surrounds Verlen's statue. You can still purchase an engraved brick to be placed in this patio as we are still looking to raise a few thousand dollars to pay off a few outstanding bills for the VKM. Brick Form - click here
If you are inspired by our journey and would like to get more involved in future Kruger Adventures please don't be shy. Get in touch with us and find out how you too can get out and have your own epic journey in this beautiful place we call home!
The Best to Everyone, the Best to All !!! - ManitouCruiser

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

More adventure...

The Capt'n is in the house!! While we wait for Manitou to give me the 411 on the Grand S2S and at tad more; I give you a couple of vids from my paddling exploits down in Belize - Click Here

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Mike finishes Shore 2 Shore & More

Mike arrived at Thompson Field at 9:15 pm amongst the cheering from family & friends. The beers were flowing and and the stories flying as the trip was discussed. Wow, what an accomplishment... 15 days and 490 miles!

Kathy L.

The Home Stretch

6 PM: Mike just left my house (just above Weber Dam) and is going strong. He's pumped at being so close to the end of his journey. He says thanks to Gary for the seat cushion, it's working like a charm. Lets cheer him to the end!

Kathy L.

Mark finishes at Thompson Field at 4:00 AM

Mark was very worn out at the finish, said he really struggled to lift his Seawind at the last portage at the Portland Dam. The water is quit low and made for some slow goings. He is elated to be done and celebrated with a couple beers. He said the bed in the van was calling his name, wanted to get a nap and was anxious to get home to Michelle. He'll get back with us on the stats of the trip after he's rested a bit.
Mike is rested and paddling much lighter with the surprise visit from his cousin in Lowell last night. His plans are to press on and finish this evening...he's guessing around 11 pm. Way to go!!! The end is in sight!

Kathy L.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Mark plans to finish in early morning hours

Mark called as he was leaving Ionia and said he should arrive around 2 am at Thompson Field in Portland. If there's any night owls out there that would like to join me in welcoming him back...I'll have some cold beer there.

Mike made to Lowell tonight. He said his tailbone is very sore and is stopping every few hours to walk a bit and rest it. It's slowing him down, but still plans on getting in Sunday afternoon.

Kathy L

Cold night

Mark called in and said he failed miserably at paddling through the just got too cold. He was back on the water at 7 am just below Ada. He says it's a very foggy morning. Sounds like Jack Murgittroyd will be joining him today in the journey up the Grand.

Dan Smith sent some pictures from Thursday morning meeting up with Mike & Mark in Grand Haven. Steve Willard was with Dan and they picked up a few things from the guys and to see them off on their last leg of their journey. Dan wrote: They'll be finishing their journey at the canoe landing where the Verlen Kruger monument is. He will be looking over them when they come up that river, and I might add would be very proud!!!

Mike checked in at 9:30 am, he just cleared the portages and huddles in Grand Rapids. He said it's a huge relief getting those behind him. He plans to camp in Saranac tonight. He's really enjoying the sunny weather, he said the weather gods has blessed him on this trip!

Kathy L

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Beautiful autumn evening

Mark checked in at 8:30 pm, figures he's about 6 mi. ahead of Mike. Beings it such a beautiful night and he feels strong, he plans on paddling through the night and hopefully pull into Portland tomorrow evening. He wants to finish well ahead of the big kick-off Saturday :-).
Kathy L.

Headed back up river again

Don't forget to keep checking the pictures as more are added daily.
Mark & Mike made it to Grand Haven around supper time last night, and they're enjoying the fine weather. They're both feeling strong and expect to be in Portland sometime Sunday afternoon.
Jack Murgittroyd called last night to let me know he'd completed the Shore 2 Shore Challenge the night before at 7:15 pm. Awesome job Jack!!! Jack said he was proud to carry the Cesar tribute across the state to the finish. He's feeling very proud of the I'm sure we all are!! He said the whole experience was amazing, and especially enjoyed the time he paddled with the 'Motley Crew'. He commented that Brian's cooking was a highlight. He loved the comradely of paddling with the group, but when it became clear that they wouldn't be finishing he decided it was time to push on alone..which he is no stranger to. Jack is hoping to find some additional time off work paddle with Mark & Mike coming up the Grand River to the finish in Portland. Next time you see Jack, pat him on the back and compliment him on his accomplishment!


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

AM: Mark & Mike says they're enjoying the easy paddling, they haven't seen the predicted winds they'd hoped for, but are making very good time. They got a good nights sleep last night and are refreshed and plan to make it to Grand Haven this evening. They are hoping to get up into the Grand River before stopping for the night. Mike's phone battery is dead and hasn't been able to update his contacts, said he'll call when he can.
I haven't heard anything from the MC6 group in a couple days, but heard through the grapevine they've dropped out and didn't finish. Mark says they're a bunch of lame losers!
Bob got the time for the other pro team that paddled to Kruger 100: Don Brooks & Nat Winkler finished in 15 hours and 56 minutes.
PM: Damage control...Mark called the guys lame losers in a joking manor, and didn't mean to hurt any ones feelings! Mark has apologized to the guys, and wants everyone to know he's proud of their dedication to get out there and endure trials and tribulations of making a long trek as this one. One thing it did do was initiate a flurry of updates from the group. Dan Smith wrote: We had to cut our trip short because of time. Left the river at the old 131 campgrounds. Todd & Brian had to be back to work and with the pace slower than we had expected and a few other details, time had run out. It however was a very good trip paddling with all the guys and being at Jerry Cesars induction to the paddlers memorial was very nice. Thanks for your interest and support, Dan.
Dan also sent this link for an article in today's Crawford County News: Too bad they forgot to even mention Jack Murgittroyd, the only paddler to finish the whole Shore 2 Shore Challenge!

posted by Kathy

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Off with an early start

Mike & Mark were back on the water at 4 am. At 8 am they are just north of Ludington, Mark said they are plugging along waiting for the forcasted NW winds today.
More updates on the Kruger 100: in the pro group Bob B. has Rebecca Barton finishing in 15 hrs and 10 min. with Matt Meersman, they started Sat. morning at 6:20 am.
posted by Kathy

Monday, October 4, 2010

8:40 am : Mark and Mike getting a late start...staying warm at the fire on this frosty morning
11:30 am : Gary finished the Kruger 100 at 11 am, he said Dan and the guys didn't catch up with him
3:15 pm : Mark & Mike have arrived in Manistee and are stopping for a bite to eat, going to the grocery store, then on to the big Lake to take advantage on a good west wind. They plan to continue southward as long as the wind holds.
8:00 pm : Bob Bradford called and said he & Janet, Mike Bradford, Ray Quick and George Stockman all finished the Kruger 100 at 1:52 am together.

posted by Kathy

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Mike & Mark portaged Tippy dam around 6 pm, Mike wants to send a thank you to the new anonymous friend that let him use their car charger to quick charge his phone...every little bit helps! They've camped a bit down stream from the dam...took a ways to paddle through the many salmon fisherman, said they saw many salmon getting caught. I talked to them at 9 pm, they had a fire going (make sure you check out the drop box pictures as there are many new ones added daily), and Mike said there was frost on the tent already and they're expecting it to get down to 20 deg. tonight...brrrrr! They plan on making it to Lake Michigan tomorrow and are looking foreward to the better weather forecasted. It'll be sails up!!
MC6 reported in at 7:40 pm: Dan broke a rudder cable again today. Slowed us up by an hour and a half. Also Todd got caught up in some logs and got flipped out of his boat. So we set up camp early to get him dried out. Jack left early this morning and haven't seen him since. We're camped just a mile down from 131.

posted by Kathy
2 pm Sunday - update from Gary, he's at the 131 bridge and is waiting for Dan and guys to catch up and paddle with them.
Mike has met back with Mark just before the Tippy Dam Pond and they'll be continuing on together.

Chilly morning start

Trying to launch but all our rudder cables are froze
posted by Kathy

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Latest update from Jason says Gary & Carl are at M66, but Carl isn't going to continue. The Bradfords, George, Ray and Mike are almost to US131. According to Andy's spot he's almost to the Sharon Road bridge.
Jack, Dan, Todd, Jake, and Brian said they took it easy today and are camped just below the Sharon Road bridge. I know weather conditions have been far from pleasant....windy, rainy and cold, my hat off to those braving the elements!
I see that Mark is just above Tippy Dam, but I haven't heard from him today.
Mike S. just tried calling and all I got from him was low battery. Not sure what's up, he' had what appears to be a rough day and didn't cover very much ground this afternoon. Wish I got his message! I hope everyone stays warm & dry tonight!

posted by Kathy

Kruger 100 gets under way

Jason Kruger shared the Spot Link for Andrew Hazel and Kevin Lick:

Jason has sent pictures - they will be in the drop box album with the Shore 2 Shore pictures.

Happy paddling to those Kruger 100 participants!
posted by Kathy L

Friday, October 1, 2010

MC6 made it to the portage this evening. By the look of the pictures they sent, they appear to be happy to be on the 'down hill' half of their trek. They have camped for the night and will be off again in the morning!
Mark & Mike did the portage this morning, looks like Mark was having fun with the road sign posts along the route. It appears they started on the Manistee at 1 pm. As of 11 pm they were still paddling.... the push is on!

Posted by Kathy L.

Kruger 100 - raise your paddles wup wup...

New Pictures in the Drop Box >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Heads up for those in the area; the Kruger 100 starts this weekend to coincide with the Shore 2 Shore and the Tad more. Click here
Bob and Janet Bradford have sent us their SPOT information; Kruger 100 tracks - Click here Bob will be the official starter of the event; expect all era of Kruger Boats from Cruisers, Monarchs, Sea Winds - I'm sure there will be a couple of Loons there too, (crazies peeps). Word on the river is a hand full of pro-boaters will be participating tearing it up.
I half expect Toby (Whitecaps) to show up; spoke with him earlier this week as he was headed to Alabama (don't ask); he was itching to meet up with the Shore 2 Shore Boys - but something about driving white panel van back from Mexico wish precious cargo. Or maybe he said he's going to Fargo - the southern drawl had me stumped.
This is where the Capt'n signs off; turning the reigns over to Kathy L. who will do the blogging. Off to Belize for some R&R - R&D and some yummy goodness.
Paddle fast, live slow. - The Capt'n

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mark & Mike checked in at 7 PM. They were in Graying, and were stopping for supper. They planned on paddling to a planned camp site for the night...obviously tired already as Mark was continuously yawning as we talked. You go're doing awesome!!

posted by Kathy L.

Motley Crew of 6 (MC6)

Upper row: Mike, Brian, Jack, Dan - Lower row: Todd, Jake
I give you MC6 - expedition shore to shore. The naming of the *Motley Crew - click here
*During the reign of Elizabeth I, "motley" served the important purpose of keeping outside the social hierarchy and therefore not subject to class distinction or expectation; in other words going your own way with out judgement. The way of the jester. - Having a little fun!
Or so eloquently put;
Break loose from all the usual excuses and conventions that keep you bound to a lifestyle that does not totally fulfill". -Verlen Kruger
Past Kruger adventures have had team names of: The Magnificant 7. the Intrepids, Tres Amigos - It's all in good fun!

MC2 restless night

6:11am 9/30/10
Capt'n reports: MC2 up very early, must have been a restless night as Manitou's SPOT shows them on the move as early as 2:10am. If I was a betting man; they paddled out earlier then expected with weather that may move in tomorrow afternoon, A race against the rain. Paddle now it great weather, sleep some as rain taps on the tent... Just speculation.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Keep the paddle

in the water
8:50pm 9/29/10
Manitou reports: Plan stands -Up by 3;30am on the water by 4:00am - Planning a 24 to 36 hour run down to Manistee; including the estimated 7 mile portage. Now that's big medicine.
6:07pm 9/29/10
McLov'n reports portaging the Mio Dam - Looking good gentleman!
6:00pm 9/29/10
Manitou reports they are pulling off for the night; The plan is to be on the water O-dark30 and push on. MC2 is on river time taking all things into consideration - like when to rest and when to push. Look for a 4:00am start.
1:55pm 9/29/10
Jake and Dan both broke rudder cables today; had the tools and the means to fix them... back on the water - and Lov'n it. I'm tempted to start calling Brian Keel "McLov'n" - borrowing the name from the smash hit teen movie "Super Bad"; what does the viewing audience think? Done!!
9:30am 9/29/10
Manitou reports Motley Crew of 2 (MC2) are off to Grayling; hopes to knock out the portage as well today. (Grayling is named after a fish that was once prevalent to the area) This sounds like a whopper of a fish story to me!!
8:04am 9/29/10
Brian Keel reports: On the water going to try to pass Mio dam today; It's a beautiful morning on the river!
8:15am 9/29/10
Manitou reports: "Well first he called me a dirty dog"; "I replied with I think you got into some bad pudding." ...Law enforcement was not contacted, Motley Crew of 2 were able to work things out through diplomatic relations with Brazil. Oh that Manitou, just a crazy mixed up kid in a crazy mixed up world; Plan is to sit tight and wait for RiverRunner to portage Mio dam

paddle paddle... pull

photo by: K Calmeyn

10:30 am 9/27/10
Brian K called early yesterday morning I missed their call (work gets in the way); he left a message stating it looks like a great day for paddling; the rain stopped, got a bit of a late start getting on the water around 8:15am; Just finished portaging the Alcona Dam.
2:15pm 9/27/10
Eva Murgittroyd forwarded this message: Talk to Jack this morning they are a little wet but, are all good they think Mike and Mark are about 10 miles ahead of them. It was 9:30 am when he called and they had just got though Alcona Dam. They were pumped!~
4:30pm 9/27/10
Mark reports pulling up at the Mio dam; will portage over and sit tight to wait for RiverRunner Plan is to head to town to do some shopping for the holidays while he waits. This is a coded message to Jake from Manitou, "Eh ya Turkey ******, No Mama's boy float trip eh?"
9:30pm 9/27?10
RiverRunner reports he is below Mio Dam, didn't quite make it up to Manitou. Working his way through sand and gravel bars; lots of pulling the Kruger through the shallows; Nothing like taking your canoe out for a walk. RiverRunner said his GPS took a crap and something about loosing a teddy bear.
All in all spirits are high - plan is to meet up with Manitou in the morning.

Monday, September 27, 2010

The Boys are at it!!

See new photos in the drop box>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Sweet Judy! I think I dropped my Sea Wind!

It's been an uphill battle for the Motley Crew as they pick off dam after dam. A 10:10am call had the crew at the roll away resort topping off water. ( I hope they got water after this stair climb, yikes).

Jake and Todd Cesar are on an adventure to remember; Father and son, both have put in many miles in Kruger Boats.


RiverRunner reports that it has been an uphill battle today; some where around 48 miles total since the trip started. Put in a long 13 hour day, made a little bit longer with a dropped paddle, being spun out in the current and a close encounter with shore brush. All in a days paddle on Ausable.


Manitou reports seeing a double rainbow this afternoon; still raining with a 40% chance to continue the next couple of days. Current running too fast to paddle during the night. Looks like long hard 13 hour days till they hit the Manistee.


RiverRunner and Manitou are now camped and settled in for the night; stay tuned!

The Dedication Video

Parting the waters

600am - trip report.

Manitou and RiverRunner have pushed from shore around 6:00am, the rest of the Motley Crew leisurely breakdown camp and prepare for the day. Let the adventure continue.

Motley Crew

See new photos in the drop box. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
With the dedication behind them the "Motley Crew" pushes on till dark

"Motley" refers to the traditional costume of the paddler or the harlequin character in commedia dell'arte. Our crew wears scruffy beards and functional hats, a fashion motif.

“Motley is the only wear.” --Shakespeare

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Back on the water

See new photos in the drop box. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

It appears the Shore 2 Shore and the tad more joined forces to arrive at the Canoer's Memorial Monument for the 2pm induction ceremony. The Boy's are on their hike up from Largo Springs!

The paddlers to be inducted this year are John Wojahn, Gerald Cesar, Meb Lemieux, Ronald Kienke, Ted Engel, Roger Carriere, Harold Spencer, Charles Hennigar, Marion "Mern" Ferris, Percy Jocks, Richard Kent, and Bill Schmitz

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Back to the midwest

Click pic to enlarge
Day One looks productive for Team Shore 2 Shore and a tad more. Manitou and RiverRunner working it westward on the AuSable River. Waiting for a call for an update.
Brian Keel sends word that Manitou and RiverRunner caught up with them around 7:20pm - Camp was set.
The meeting was called to order; ceremonial glacier sipping water and warm beer I sure were consumed. A lot of the world's challenges can be solved around a raging campfire with cocktail in hand; well at least the ideas sounded good by the fire.

Worry and frustration

Well the message board on the WaterTribe site says it all; a hectic day for race director SandyBottom (Dawn) and Kapakahi (me) along with dozens of others as we make phone calls post on Facebook, call Dave's family and friends, basically alerted the powers that be in search of one of our WaterTribe members.
He's been found. The worry has end; the frustration has just begun.

Day 2

do you know where your Kruger is?

Manitou and Riverrunner push from the shore around 11:30am; after a relaxing evening at the AuSable Inn, time to hit the water for the Shore 2 Shore and a tad more. Goal; paddle fast live slow.
Shore 2 Shore group wake to a warming sun; breakfast is served! As Dan stated earlier, it just doesn't get any better then this, I have to agree. The question is what in the heck is in that bucket!!?

Where's Manitou and RiverRunner...

Check out the pictures in the drop box >>>>>

As the Shore 2 Shore team push up hill on the Ausable, a couple of lilly dipp'n duffers seek refuge at the AuSable Inn; not one to call foul, but come on boys paddles up!! OK OK...


As usual I spoke out of turn; the plan is to push off tomorrow with the"clock running". Manitou and RiverRunner are on a mission to make the dedication for Jerry Cesar and push on shortly there after, hence the delayed start to their event by one day. Tic Toc...

They want to limit their non-paddle time, so accommodations for the evening are down by the river with the AuSable Inn owners offering up tent space.

I think I smell steaks on the grille?

Friday, September 24, 2010

And they are off...

Todd Cesar applies heart felt decal
The Shore 2 Shore team paddled out in windy but mild conditions in the late afternoon light; They pushed up the Au Sable River a bit and found a great place to camp.

Under a full moon fire raging, the Shore 2 Shore begins to take meaning. Chuck Amboy sets the bar and delivers. Shore 2 Shore decals which become a focal point of the journey are now displayed proudly honoring Father / Grandfather Jerry Cesar;

A dip of the paddle to Chuck Amboy; the best gift of all is the one that is unexpected; you rocked this one my friend, the message that Todd left me was nothing less then one of sincere appreciation and gratitude.

Twas the night before...

I hate to call foul on the night before; but Busch Beer: I should have sent over a growler from Tyranena Brewery .

"The planning is over the canoes are ready and so are the paddlers. A few beers the night before, It don't get no better then this." - Dan Smith

Adventure week!

Deck layout on Manitou's Sea Wind
They're everywhere they're everywhere!! Kruger Canoes entered in the Watertribe NCC to the Midwest Shore 2 Shore. Should be an adventurous week on the web for Team Kruger.
We'll try to do a highlights reel and keep you updated on all the happenings. Grab your coffee and bagel and settle down - Let the adventures begin!!
ready set GO!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Canoeing Elders Honored

Our expeditions that start this week will be dedicated to the memory of both Verlen Kruger and Jerry Cesar, two great explorers that help show us the path of modern day adventure. Jerry will be inducted into the MCRA Canoer's Memorial Monument on Sunday, September 26th at 2pm along with many other great paddlers. This date conveniently falls on the second day of our trip, only 20 or so miles upriver from Oscoda. We will pause for the dedication services and then continue on upriver afterwards.

Larry Rice did a fantastic story for Canoe and Kayak Magazine about the Jerry Cesar story a few years back. Spirit Journey to Tip Top Mountain

History of the MCRA Canoer's Memorial Monument -

If this ain't high adventure I don't know what is!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The run down

Many of the legends or myths relating to the origin of fire are vivid and dramatic, and while they vary in detail there appears to be a similarity in many of the episodes that form the fire-origin story - We give the gift of fire; "May your voyages be safe, may your gear stay dry - amaze your Neanderthal friends with a flick of a Bic."
On long journeys the stashing or hording of goods has become common since the dawn of time; Take Napoleon Dynamite, the cache of tater tots in his pants pocket became quite the envy of his fellow students during a late afternoon class. Managing hunger important to all voyages.
The cache as it is called gives the voyager the opportunity to replenish certain items which are of great value for comfort safety and sustainability. Efficiency is key when racing; much better to have what you want stashed on river's bend then hitching a ride to town looking for a napkin.
Fire brings people together; as do hats. Three very unique individuals Murgy, Todd and Jerry; three very different hats. The hat, cap, millinery, headpiece, helmet, chapeau, bonnet, lid, bean pod are a very important piece of gear on long voyages. Protection from the elements are an important part of any trip planning.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Voyager Mike Smith

will be taking on the Shore to Shore 473 mile paddle across and down Michigan.

But before he goes, he rallies the future of paddling. Brook Emma Madison and Allison take a spin in the newly refurbished Project Lakewell 26 foot trading bateaux. Nice effort on the restoration Mike!!
Mike on the upcoming Kruger Shore to Shore.
I'm, getting pumped up about this canoe challenge. I love the planning stage of every trip, break out the maps and color me gone.
Great article on the event at:

Friday, September 17, 2010

What the...........

Q. What's up with these trips, are they races or what?

KC. Well , yes and no, it's totally up to you.

We like to call them Challenges, consider this to be a Personal Challenge, how well can you perform with limited outside help?

We are offering these routes to help encourage folks to get out and push their limits while taking advantage of the beautiful resources Michigan has to offer. There is a group of us that will be definitely “racing” while there will be another group taking it a bit slower, more of a “Cruise”. Since we are not making definite time restrains you can take as long or as short as you wish.

The guidelines ( ) that we have set up will hopefully give you an idea of the spirit of the events. We wish to emulate the spirit in which Verlen often traveled, captain of his own ship, taking care of himself along the length of the route.

Autumn in Michigan is a very awesome time, the fall colors will most likely be bursting and with any luck we will have a few days of “Indian Summer” warming our faces and keeping the frost off our pumpkins.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Gearing up for the 2010 Kruger Challenges

Well kids, it's Autumn in the North Woods and you know what that means, it's time for another Kruger Challenge!
Last year we added the cross Michigan leg to the already grueling 100 miles in 24hr original Kruger Challenge. This year in true Kruger fashion we have added yet another leg to the 100 miler and Cross Michigan Challenge.
This year we have extended the reach of these great North Woods paddles to include a short 90 miles on Lake Michigan and a quick run up the Grand River to the site of the newly dedicated statue of Verlen.
More news, views and BS of preparations from the Team Kruger crew on the way!!!
Kruger Challenges - Click here

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Another one

for the record books...
I think it's over; the MR340 that is. I lost contact after the altercation at the micro brew; it was hard to navigate through all the press and that DAMN home shopping network stole my press card.
Congrats to everyone that participated!!! Please add this new word to your dictionary when something goes good on the river; it's "Tobilious" Toby - li - ous .
So as they say, and "They" always say something; " Be safe America."

Friday, August 27, 2010

Flying Fish or Beer Bust

now there's a whopper of a story:

Flying fish knocks paddler from Mo. river race
By ALAN SCHER ZAGIER Associated Press Writer © 2010 The Associated Press
Aug. 25, 2010, 6:04PM
COLUMBIA, Mo. — A fish out of water sent a Texas kayaker onto dry land instead of the finish line at an annual Missouri River endurance race.
Houston resident Brad Pennington was considered one of the favorites among men's solo racers in the Missouri River 340, a canoe and kayak race that began Tuesday morning in Kansas City, Kan. At least until a 30-pound Asian silver carp jumped more...
On an unrelated story a couple of good ole boys at the local micro brew in St. Charles got into a scuffle; Mark and Toby went flying.
It appears that a couple of beers were knocked off the bar and Mark and Toby both dove to save them (the Samaritans that they are) Quoting Toby; "We'll have none of this, alcohol abuse while I'm around" From a man that just paddled 340 miles; God Bless him!

Finish Line Festivities

Let the festivities begin! As racers and challengers make their way down the mighty Mo. Participants now become spectators as they cheer in the remainder of the field.
Plenty of time for socializing; Mark met up with a Kruger design Loon owner who is a big part of Heifer International. From Nepal to Tanzania, they give back to the world.

Like an auto car rally, participants love to talk about their rides, line'em up and let's see what you brung. All shapes and sizes; crazy space age designs and the sublime. Check out the diversity in rudders; these are for the most part river specific craft.

A look down river's edge shows a smack ling of craft; good to see a couple of Kruger boats standing out in the crowed. From the sounds of the participants, it was one heck of a ride down river. Woo Hoo to all the competitors!

Thursday, August 26, 2010


We know the effort it takes to paddle for a cause; please support Team Beauties and Barnacles effort for Shriner's Children - click here
Great effort by the 21 who dared!

WaterTriber's keep it moving

The winners are in; now we watch adventure unfold. Here is a shot of the some of the WaterTribe making their way to the finish. All displayed should finish sometime today. Click photo to enlarge.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Taking it's toll

Mark Reports 8:41pm
Delirious, to the point of feeling he isn't safe. Mark to rest after going through Herman to catch some ZZZZ's. States going through this area at a different time of day he doesn't recognize anything.

Jefferson City

Anyone that has done this section of the Missouri has seen this image; ah the memories.

Toby Tracker is back!!

By popular demand, the Toby Tracker is back; unless you live under a rock, you know what I am talking about: Toby Tracker

Toby Mark and Marty are all with in striking distance of each other... all about sleep management now.

Pump up the volume!!

Mark's coming up on the Osage River; that should give him a boost. As I remember we picked up a couple miles an hour at the confluence; or maybe it was because Herman was in splashing distance.