Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sharoom - Update # 11

Mark Reports 8:40am EST
A short message from Mark that he and Jack had finished before 1:00am this morning; A heck of a run, a tough challenge, doubtful that he would be doing it again. (now that's tough)
All I can say is a great effort!!
The Capt'n

Sharoom - Update # 10

Capt'n Reports

Not sure what's going on with the SPOT, I don't think SPOT is accurately reporting their present location; date and times don't match up; so this is where I take creative liberties for the viewing public.

It appears there was a kitty caught up a tree, a fishing hook in a little boy's finger and an old woman the needed walking across the street; The boy scouts Mark and Jack took care a bid - ness, receiving the keys to two small towns, and receiving two community meritorious awards have now cashed it all in and are on a whirl-wind talk show circuit.

Well that's how I heard it from Toby.

Mark SPOT -click here
Jack SPOT - click here

Sharoom - Update # 9

Toby Reports

Sends a big "shout out" and a "howdy-do" to all participants; A dip of the paddle for safe and enjoyable paddle.

Sharoom - Update # 8

Tim Reports - 9:30pEST

Just rambling along Tim Keen and Shari Schmidt are in Mark's cruiser running sweep; nothing but positive vibes enjoying the trip; looking forward to finishing tomorrow; presently 10 miles out of Manistee.

Sharoom - Update # 7

Mark Reports 915p EST
Jack caught back up to Mark; the chills set in and both pulled over to make a warming fire just past 18 mile bridge; All toasty the plan is to push through the night finishing just before dawn.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sharoom - Update # 6

500pm EST

Mark called to do a SPOT check to see where everybody is on the river; it appears Jack held back waiting for Craig as he was struggling a bit (had no push pole); Mayhem + Chaos = A Kruger Canoe Adventure!

Sharoom - Update # 5

3:50pm EST
Craig Belmonte called and left a message that after making the corner in hot pursuit of Mark and Jack, he got a how about and what for going up stream -quoting " I really could have used a push-pole, I went swimming more then paddled" Craig has decided to pull out.
Now I got a garbled message from some folks on the Manistee Ramble (Tim Keen (?) and company I think) though they are not on the roster to verify names; stated they are having the time of their lives and just left Tippy Dam.

Sharoom - Update # 4

Mark Reports 8:00am est
Three hours of sleep Jack and Mark feeling pretty good; The fun meter high as Craig Belmonte sporting a Chesapeake 17LT holds his own and hangs with the boys as they just crest 57 miles.

Sharoom - Update #3

Mark reports late last night (1040pm) that they had made it to High bridge after dealing with lots of fisherman at the Tippy Dam. Mark further states that temperatures have been holding so it has bee quite pleasant paddling.
Mark SPOT - Click Here
Jack SPOT - Click Here