Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Everglades Challenge 2015

Expedition-Style Adventure Racing In Small Boats

“The purpose of WaterTribe is to encourage the development of boats, equipment, skills and human athletic performance for safe and efficient coastal cruising using minimal impact human and wind powered watercraft based on sea kayaks, canoes, and small sailboats.” ~ Chief, February 2000
“A life changing experience!” ~ Heard many times.

What does expedition-style mean? It means that you need to be self-sufficient and carry all the supplies and equipment that you would expect to carry on a major kayaking or sailing expedition. This is not a “round the buoys” race with an empty boat and someone watching out for your safety. You are on your own.

We present to you Team Kruger Canoes for the up-coming Everglades Challenge 2015. May the weather Gods be in your favor; may sunny skies, warm blue water and winds from the northwest prevail!!  Adventure on!! 

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