Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Throw back to the 40's

Well the boys are at it again; this time over Labor Day weekend. A throw back to the 1940's when men were men and well women were not included; the ole rules said "Men Only"... oh how far we've come on the Au Sable River. This event... solo unsupported. (women welcome)

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AuSable River Expedition Style Paddle

120 miles-unsupported-down the historic AuSable River
September 3rd - 4th - 5th , 2011 (Labor Day Weekend)
Start – Grayling at the Old AuSable Fly Shop at 4pm, September 3rd
Finish – Oscoda at the AuSable Inn by 8am, September 5th
All paddle craft welcome, solo, tandem or many
Rules of the paddle
Self supported at all time. Without feeders, land teams or pit crews
Portages at 6 dams along the river on established portage routes
All paddlers are responsible for their own safety at all times
Have fun and enjoy the Northern Michigan Wilderness