Sunday, July 12, 2015

Kruger Cannonball 2015 - end cap

They did it while living on Spizz and Red Bull

The word on the river is Team Kruger finished in 19 hours and 15 minutes; with the beer flowing freely and fried food cometh post haste, life is good.

Here at Kruger International Headquarters [west of the big pond wild seafaring tales / adventure division] we search desperately for answers. The burning question: Where's my frozen Snickers bar?

I'll leave tales of sleeping at locks and one haul carries up mountains and drunken debauchery (say it ain't so) to those that did the event; Mark and Lauren are sure to enlighten - click here for their blog.  From what I heard on low frequency 2 way radio, it was a hoot!


The Capt'n

Kruger Cannonball 2015

Adirondack Cannonball starting 12:00:01 AM Sunday July 12 and finishing before 11:59:59 PM on the same day.

"Consisting of large lakes, windy rivers and rugged carries, the 90-mile stretch of water from Old Forge to Saranac Lake is the ultimate Adirondack canoe route.

The route is well known as the first leg of Northern Forest Canoe Trail, and the scene of the Adirondack Canoe Classic “90-Miler,” a three-day race that takes place every September.

But it’s also the path of a more difficult, less common adventure known as the Adirondack Cannonball.

For those who attempt this feat, there are only two rules: the trip must be completed with in 24 hours, and the boat must pass the cedar tree near the boat launch on Lake Flower in Saranac Lake, which also marks the finish of the 90-Miler."   - now this is the Krugerhead Cannonball with one additional but crucial rule - ah yes, you have to participate in a Kruger event to solve the mystery....
The Minnesota 4 Canoe (23 feet long ) looks a bit menacing on top of the grocery getter; this is no Saturday afternoon drive to pick up milk; we're talking road trip to Ole Forge New York, for the kick off of the Krugerhead Cannon Ball.  - 24 hours of (cannon) ball busting fun.
 The Players: Ben, Emily, Lauren and Mark - I don't know, looks kind a shady to me; a set up for a dine and ditch is in the works.

A shake out paddle before the waiting game starts; this event starts at 1159pm; they need to see if all the Day Paddling gear fits in the canoe; I'm mean we're limited, we only have 23 feet of boat to work with.
This looks about right. all this sitting around (tick tock tick tock) stuff makes for a good photo op. Oh, SNAP!! - we still need to shuttle the car.
They're off... and after 5 hours or so of paddling, sunrise couldn't come soon enough; it's always darkest before the dawn [insert sleepy yawn] and the sunrise rejuvenates body and soul; spirits are high (OK only Lauren is smiling) but they push on...