Saturday, June 29, 2013

Michigan Challenge - update 8

Everyone is in, all the peeps are in the hen house so to speak; the closing ceremonies kick off tonight with dinner at 600p; the night will be chocked with good grinds and great stories of intrigue and adventure. 

A big shout out to Jim and Debbie Baldwin at the Insta- Launch Campground for hosting the finish!  Most appreciated!!

We're hoping for some good FB cameos, so keep your portable devices handy; keep your powder dry and watch your top-notch.

"heavy ho lily dippers, hoist those frothy beverages"

The Capt'n

Friday, June 28, 2013

Michigan Challenge - update 7

paddle /sailing terminology: "hunkered down"  - picture worth a thousand words
11:47pm - 6/27/12:  Sandy left a message, that I did not receive until this morning; "All is well, we're still on the river, but where are we?" It might seem like a silly question, until you have been out on the river for 4 days with minimal sleep and the fog is as think as gravy in a 3 day old chicken pot pie. My keen navigation skills put them at the Insta-Launch; "Sandy, turn around paddle 3 strokes you're at the boat ramp" - Connie and Sandy finish @ 1:30am. Total time of 5 days 17 hours. Great job go-girls, you made it look so easy!!!
Lauren and Mark experiencing the how bout what for on Lake Michigan; went from dead calm to a turbulent sea in a matter of minutes; got to shore and hunkered down till the storm cells pass.  They sound in good spirits and are making thermos meals for the last push to Manistee.

Post race dinner at 6:00pm at the Insta- Launch in Manistee Saturday 6/29/13

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Michigan Challenge - update 6

The Go Girls are running on flower power as they tackle the remainder of the Manistee to finish up in grand fashion - S2S route of the Michigan Challenge;

Lauren and Mark are making good time after a couple of brutal days of headwinds on the outside route - "Tip of the Mitt"; dead calm offered opportunity to complete large jumps across a couple of Little Traverse and large Traverse bays and get back on schedule. they both sound in great spirits and looking to put this adventure - "in the bag";

Jack "the Hammer" finished the S2S route in 4 days 21 hours 4 min. but who's counting; A great run for sure; a dip of the paddle to you my friend.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Michigan Challenge - update 5

Lake Michigan

Like most reporters internationally we leave room for embellishment and banter; this is what I know to be true or not.

Lauran and Mark had one heck of a day paddling into strong headwinds; their sight of the Mackinaw bridge and the Mill Creek Camp ground brought refuge, ice-cream and good friends camped out; waited out the thunderstorms and lightening and pushed on after a marvelous breakfast.

Jack "if I only had a wheel nut - the hammer" somehow managed the 7 mile portage even being burdened with the lack of ice cold beer and closed convenient stores; how inconvenient is that? So he pushed on in Krugerhead fashion blazing trail on the Manistee.

Connie and Sandy have made it look easy as there biggest question of the day is where can we buy chips and a new canoe paddle ( hope it wasn't my loaner that got broke)?  Backing off a bit and enjoying the journey, they sucked right into river time and are going with the flow down the Manistee.

Aaron punched out the most difficult part of the challenge, up the AuSable; hats off to this challenger who was in a kayak and did not have the luxury of being able too jump in and out of his craft like a spring rabbit.

...and for me, chained to the desk of un-fulfillment; waddling in a sea of distain and regret; shackled to hopelessness .... oh wait that was my neighbor who works in a glue factory...  I'm good; really good!!   Break loose peeps get up, get out and get your adventure on no matter what it may be!!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Michigan Challenge - update 4

I don't have a clue what is happening over in Michigan right now in the Michigan Challenge; but I do know we have a big storm cell moving through here in Wisconsin; drenching rain lightening and thunder booms that out do Toby's snoring ( what, nobody wants to admit they camped with Toby before); I digress...

I imagine our wet and weary adventures are doing one of two things today, paddling like hell or  battening down the hatches, cause their in for a blow.

Yesterday, random text came from Sandy; broken paddle; catching my second wind; I guess it didn't help I was sharing with her I was settling in for an afternoon nap before hot wings and a couple of cold Cervezas.

The adventure is on!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Michigan Challenge - update 3

Super Moon Sunday
Sunday June 23 at 1018p Aaron Kania text me stating his SPOT had shut off; Location "Funsville, MI" right down from "Having a Blast", MI 3 miles below the Mio dam.

Sunday June 23 at 1157p Lauren sends a message that they had a mixed day of paddling and sailing; the early 200a start is leaving them bushed; they are on the west side of Hammond Bay.

Sunday June 23 at 1045p Connie and Sandy send an OK message a few miles down from Luzerne Park, home of the world's largest ball of twine. Appears all is well.

Have not heard from the "Hammer", I will keep you posted as things develop.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Michigan Challenge - update 2

Aaron getting that ever so familiar send off from his #1 fan; Connie, Sandy and Jack getting set in the background.  Thanks peeps for sending off some pictures; makes my nonsensical comments, well understandable.
The "Bold and the Beautiful" - a Kruger Cruiser and this handsome couple Mark and Lauren - pre Launch

We have one heck of a challenge going on; Jack "the hammer" knows this course pretty well, and like a cat in the wild is stalking the go girls as they make their way up the Au Sable; Jack has the ability to go all night and then some will test the go girls resolve - this should prove interesting.

The heat today will be brutal, hydration key if they're going to make it through the day.

Out on the big pond; Lauren and Mark are kicking out some distance; they launched with a light west wind right at 7am. They looked relaxed and excited as they pushed out past the small breaker line of about 1.5'. They have done some sweet aftermarket upgrades to their Cruiser that will make their journey much more enjoyable!! When you get a chance take a look at the rig, it is SWEET!

Tip of the Mitt- outside route Mark Rowe and Lauren Fry
Kruger Cruiser, Balogh 36 BOSS

Shore to Shore- inside route
Aaron Kania sea kayak

Jack M. Kruger Sea Wind

Connie Cannon and Sandy Krueger
Winona Minnesota 2

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Michigan Challenge - update 1

 The race is on as Aaron and Jack go head to head

Bob Bradford our eye on the river reports that Connie and Sandy are in the lead on their way to Alcona dam; Aaron caught Jack at Five Channels Dam and they were about 30 minutes behind the ladies.

Bob Bradford met up with Jack at Cook dam; he is scouring the shoreline for a lost nut off of his portage cart; wings and wheels kind a important, each serving a purpose.

Michigan Challenge Roster

Tip of the Mitt- outside route
Mark Rowe and Lauren Fry
Kruger Cruiser, Balogh 36 BOSS

Shore to Shore- inside route
Aaron Kania sea kayak

Jack M. Kruger Sea Wind

Connie Cannon and Sandy Krueger
Winona Minnesota 2

Michigan Challenge 2013

The sleepy hamlet of Oscoda Michigan (pop. 11) had their town size double last night; the single porta a pottie over-flowing with joy; (barf) as Krugerheads unite for the running of the 2013 Michigan Challenge; now I don't know about you, but I'm due for a little action and adventure.

Waiting on the roll-call roster to be called in so I can get the names up.  Head on over to our FB page as updates will be posted there:
under the heading Team Kruger Canoes.