Sunday, August 24, 2014

45 Parallel Crossing day 5.5

Cograts to Mark and Rick who made the daunting journey across Lake Michigan!! WOO HOO!!  Nice Run Boys!!

Mother nature was cooperative (not send them 8' seas); but she did make herself known with wind on the nose and a couple of rouge waves that roll up on you like a freight train.

The distant lights from shore, east and west send a subtle message, putting things into perspective; you're a long way from shore - a humbling experience.

So the wind clocking to the east caused havoc and slowed their progress immensely; Changing it up they bared off to follow the breeze making land fall around 100p this afternoon, their goal achieved.

Outstanding!! -

The Capt'n

45 Parallel Crossing day 5

I put a call in after receiving these photos to see what the plan was; it appears they are not headed to South Manitou Island, and if they are they are going the long way; I must have just missed Mark after he sent these photos as I did not get a chance to speak with him - you'll know when I know.

 The sun cometh and I bet it is a welcome sight; it looks like the shore in the haze; an all nighter with sails furled - bet there is a story to be told.

A look of resolve on tired faces - the boys continue to push for the east coast of Lake Michigan; Keeper moving boys, you got this!

The Capt'n

Saturday, August 23, 2014

45 Parallel Crossing day 4

Bye Bye Wisconsin, as the boys push from shore in near dead calm water; our weather spotters in the east - Mark and Lauren sent a weather report from the eastern shore; the boys liked it so it's a go.

So there you have it, the parting shot - onward to South Manitou Island!!  Sunday comes early when you're paddling a Kruger!!

The Capt'n

45 Parallel Crossing day 3.5

 After being bumped from Shivering Sands Creek Beach Mark and Rick head up hill to what is now known as Kruger Cove; a place to spread out do some laundry and a little work on the sailing rudder.

 Ole school in the field saw horses are constructed as Mark changes out the rudder pin - for the big crossing - no sense having fresh pins in your bag if your not going to use them.

As the boys sit by a raging Wisconsin Fire they contemplate their next move; glued to the weather radio consistency finally emerges and they hear steady reports; wind will start clocking around to the south on Saturday into Sunday morning - opening an early morning window of opportunity.  The plan is to wait it out and follow the breeze across the pond on Sunday.

The Capt'n

Friday, August 22, 2014

45 Parallel Crossing day 3

The boys got bumped off the beach like two tots trying to ride a midget pony; so they packed it in and headed up the coast for another 5 miles or so looking for some real-estate that will support a couple a Krugerheads till the fog thins out.

But before they left, a huge thanks out to Sandy and Greg who trekked on up the coast and found the boys scuttled and hungry- fed like royalty ( I told you Sandy could cook) tucked in cradling the new GPS, things were looking up - but depression set in bring a fog bank thick and heavy.

So the plan is to wait it out and see what tomorrow brings; from this point on they are ready to head east make the jump if weather and water cooperate - So they will camp early get rest and be at the ready.  "Stow the grog and get ready to make way, single up all lines."

The Capt'n

45 Parallel Crossing day 2.5

They boys couldn't have pulled over in a nicer place, it's like they planned it!! They are just off of Glidden Drive; Glidden Drive is biologically the most diverse of Wisconsin's 130 Rustic Roads. It has 13 Lake Michigan beach accesses.

Five streams are off of Glidden Drive: Shivering Sands Creek (the most famous-historic in Door County) which they are just south of, Lily Bay Creek, Fisher Creek, Vernal Creek (intermittent) and Underground Creek with swallets  (an opening through which a stream descends underground). Glidden Drive skirts the largest natural area in Door County, the Shivering Sands Wetland Complex.

I've received word that Sandy is packing heavy as she makes her way up through Door County; Lasagna Margaritas and that pesky GPS are in route.  Could make for a mid to late morning start after a big meal and cocktails.  Paddle on Garth...

The Capt'n

Thursday, August 21, 2014

45 and some change day 2

The boys pull off on the world's smallest beach to batten down the hatches and put on some storm gear; reef down to Coach Hoff Hanky size and keep pushing towards Bailey's Harbor. The morning was not with out it's challenges; the GPS took a dump so Mark and Rick navigated by braille following the shoreline as best they could; a quick stop in Algoma looking a marine store was fruitless, so they went with plan B -- paddle on.

Social media and the Internet can be a wonderful thing; Sandy (peacepaddler) has mobilized and will meet the boys and hand off a GPS tonight; knowing Sandy she probably has a gourmet meal planned as well; if you have not paddled with Sandy, you have yet to experience her cooking skills in the wild.

So the boys are off for what they think will be a 7 hour push; catted boats performing well as they speculate 5mph holding steady; weather is iffy as is gett'n some on prom night; as expected for Wisconsin no weatherman tells the same forecast; I encouraged Mark to look up if he wants accurate current conditions. Paddle on Boys, Paddle on.

The Capt'n

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

45 Parallel Crossing - day 1

Mark sent some pictures of day 1of the  - 45 Parallel Crossing; this is big news as it means he actually put his paddle down to document the adventure!! The above photo is getting off the ferry and staging gear; rumor has it the boys threw down big time with the all you can eat breakfast buffet on the "Badger"; windless crossing with fog in the morning, turned to partly cloudy skies with a light breeze out of the west; a perfect start to a great lake adventure.

Took less than an hour to set things right; catted up and ready to push off from the shores of Manitowoc WI -  destination North up to Bailey's Harbor.

 Rick enjoying the waning hours of sunlight as they cruise north under full sail and paddle; Mark reports beautiful weather, wind turning south southwest overnight.

9:00p cst the boys are still pushing North; night prep complete hoping for a 2am landing in Algoma; plan on sleeping there a few hours and pushing on -  the key is time management across the pond; they are working it to get across by Thursday night fall - fingers crossed for optimal weather, otherwise they sit it out waiting for the weather God's to show favor.

The Capt'n

45 Parallel Crossing

The boys head out on the big pond for a little paddle / sail on what some like to call lake Michigan.- we're calling it the (BIG POND) "45 Parallel Crossing".

The Big pond can be unforgiving, it's waters run cold and deep (reminds me of an old girlfriend but I digress); the plan is for Mark - Manitou Cruiser and Rick - Kevlar Kid (WaterTribe Tribal names) to set themselves up for a 77 mile push to Baileys Harbor and then make the 48 mile jump across to South Manitou Island. ---- They will be taking the Badger Ludington MI Ferry to Manitowoc WI to ease the suffering of persistent westerly winds this time of year.

The configuration for this adventure will be a Sea Wind / DreamCatcher Cat rig with 38' 32' Batwing sails.  Manitou's SPOT goes live at 830am EST.

I look forward to their reports as they make their way North to Bailey's Harbor as it is a section of the new water trail that is being developed.

The Capt'n