Friday, September 28, 2012

Jack and Mark take on the "IronMushroom" Challenge

Last year the Iron Mushroom kicked everyones butt! No one made it to the official finish line although Jack and Mark did get to within about 10 miles before they succumbed to fatigue, cold temps and an overall feeling of "lame looserism". This year they are determined to get all the way up the Little Manistee River to Johnson Bridge and finish the Challenge with the 3 mile portage to Jackie's Place in Irons. 

      Follow their progress live with SPOT (link from right menu under "Tracking the Michigan Challenge")
                                           Join them at the finish line, first round is on Jack!!!

Also don't forget about the fall color tour on the Muskegon River, come join in and enjoy Michigan at it's best!!

Friday, September 21, 2012

NGCSU professor to conduct study of Chattahoochee, Apalachicola river systems

DAHLONEGA - Dr. Robert Fuller, director of the Environmental Leadership Center and professor of geoscience at North Georgia College & State University, will spend the next year traveling by canoe and by foot to sample the waters along the entire lengths of the Chattahoochee and Apalachicola rivers. more...

The nitty gritty backwater on Doc Fuller, a twisting tale of dreams and streams; his blog - more...

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Muskegan Trip: Where to meet

A gathering at early Sunday September 31 to do the vehicle portage . Those that wish to show up the night before, Camping with a tent is 15.00 a night.
The idea for some of us is to take out at or before the 1st Dam that is Rodgers. This way no portages; if your itinerary goes farther down river please make arrangements to accommodate your trip.
We are looking at 15 to 19 miles a day. There will be a good flow and some of the going will be slow.
There is no real schedule with all the little ins and outs, photo ops, and camp spots; few have done this river, so this will be a kinda mini mini expedition trip. Camp sites will be scouted and may suck or awesome with a little luck. (I guarantee the company will make up for this.) Remember it is an adventure.
Temps may get down to freezing if that, but you never know, be prepared. If you have a water filter bring it, if you do not some one will share.


The Fall Paddle - Muskegon River

We are a couple a weeks and some change away from what might go down as the best led canoe trip, without a leader. Now I could spend hours trying to explain the dynamics of this situation, might even be able to get some public money thrown in to fund the research; but we will forgo all that and start a list of the players.

The Players:

Gary (1)
Gary (2)

to be continued...