Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Bushwhacker 2013

The only picture of the Muskegon Bushwhacker - passer-by sees Dani and Sandy tumble the cruiser in Big Rapids.

The Boys arrived at Muskegon Lake @ 1am Tuesday morning. A blistering 2 days and 19 hours run which will be hard to beat. High water worked to their advantage as they battled lions tigers and bears (oh my) to make this one for the record books.

Cell coverage was sketchy, posting by yours truly weak, but hey I come cheap.

Looking to hear more about the adventure after everyone dries out and recovers from sleep deprivation. Mark and Jack are hopeful that they don't get pushed off from their stealth camp spot too early, they are looking to catch some serious ZZZ's.

Sandy and Dani made camp before the serious rain started to fall; without a SPOT and the worst cell coverage in history, I believe them to be somewhere around Bridgeton.  What makes their adventure exciting is they have been out for 21 days of pure Midwestern adventure by foot and trail making the Muskegon Bushwhacker the crowning jewel. 

So in the end we have a whole slew of new campfire stories to be told. Keep your powder dry and watch your top-notch. - this is only the beginning to 2013.