Saturday, August 28, 2010

Another one

for the record books...
I think it's over; the MR340 that is. I lost contact after the altercation at the micro brew; it was hard to navigate through all the press and that DAMN home shopping network stole my press card.
Congrats to everyone that participated!!! Please add this new word to your dictionary when something goes good on the river; it's "Tobilious" Toby - li - ous .
So as they say, and "They" always say something; " Be safe America."

Friday, August 27, 2010

Flying Fish or Beer Bust

now there's a whopper of a story:

Flying fish knocks paddler from Mo. river race
By ALAN SCHER ZAGIER Associated Press Writer © 2010 The Associated Press
Aug. 25, 2010, 6:04PM
COLUMBIA, Mo. — A fish out of water sent a Texas kayaker onto dry land instead of the finish line at an annual Missouri River endurance race.
Houston resident Brad Pennington was considered one of the favorites among men's solo racers in the Missouri River 340, a canoe and kayak race that began Tuesday morning in Kansas City, Kan. At least until a 30-pound Asian silver carp jumped more...
On an unrelated story a couple of good ole boys at the local micro brew in St. Charles got into a scuffle; Mark and Toby went flying.
It appears that a couple of beers were knocked off the bar and Mark and Toby both dove to save them (the Samaritans that they are) Quoting Toby; "We'll have none of this, alcohol abuse while I'm around" From a man that just paddled 340 miles; God Bless him!

Finish Line Festivities

Let the festivities begin! As racers and challengers make their way down the mighty Mo. Participants now become spectators as they cheer in the remainder of the field.
Plenty of time for socializing; Mark met up with a Kruger design Loon owner who is a big part of Heifer International. From Nepal to Tanzania, they give back to the world.

Like an auto car rally, participants love to talk about their rides, line'em up and let's see what you brung. All shapes and sizes; crazy space age designs and the sublime. Check out the diversity in rudders; these are for the most part river specific craft.

A look down river's edge shows a smack ling of craft; good to see a couple of Kruger boats standing out in the crowed. From the sounds of the participants, it was one heck of a ride down river. Woo Hoo to all the competitors!

Thursday, August 26, 2010


We know the effort it takes to paddle for a cause; please support Team Beauties and Barnacles effort for Shriner's Children - click here
Great effort by the 21 who dared!

WaterTriber's keep it moving

The winners are in; now we watch adventure unfold. Here is a shot of the some of the WaterTribe making their way to the finish. All displayed should finish sometime today. Click photo to enlarge.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Taking it's toll

Mark Reports 8:41pm
Delirious, to the point of feeling he isn't safe. Mark to rest after going through Herman to catch some ZZZZ's. States going through this area at a different time of day he doesn't recognize anything.

Jefferson City

Anyone that has done this section of the Missouri has seen this image; ah the memories.

Toby Tracker is back!!

By popular demand, the Toby Tracker is back; unless you live under a rock, you know what I am talking about: Toby Tracker

Toby Mark and Marty are all with in striking distance of each other... all about sleep management now.

Pump up the volume!!

Mark's coming up on the Osage River; that should give him a boost. As I remember we picked up a couple miles an hour at the confluence; or maybe it was because Herman was in splashing distance.

Looks like we got a race going on!!

Wednesday 06:00 on the paddle24seven Spot tracker map. The lead boats are going through Cooperland. The Dragon boat ran quite well through the night. Sounds like the women's divison is really close, everyone with in an hour and a half of each other.

Check in 6:24am

Mark called to say he pulled over for a power nap; night time terrors included hearing raging water passing Lisbon Bottoms; going through a bunch of waves that were stacking up, bracing and water over the bow as he powered through.
That will get your heart pumping and blood flowing!

Check your compass!!

The fog must be thick as pea soup... or maybe a pee break; waiting for the morning call in, check your compass you goof!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Off to Miami

Here are Mark's SPOT tracks as he makes his way to Miami; Live SPOT upper right hand corner of the page.
The city leaders in Miami are on top of things, once again. They'll be grilling dogs and burgers Tuesday evening from about 6, and will have chips and drinks available too.
Early Wednesday morning (3 or 4am) the pancakes will flip and coffee and juice will be available. They generally sell food until people stop eating. They will have jugs of water available. A slice of heaven after 12 + hours in the boat!

They are off!!

The pre-start, waiting for the start; All I know with the company their keeping, I wouldn't leave my Tilley hat laying around; you never know what you might find left in it!
Here is a shot looking up the kaw at the pre-start; Mark has his light system ready to go. Yep the square ones are fog lights that shoot low and don't blind you; sneaky little bugger.
On the Kaw looking towards the Missouri; Kansas City Missouri in the haze; weather looks calm here, but mark reported wind on the nose most of the day.
They're off and running; bunch of Kruger boats hung together at the start. As the day progressed people start to get stretched out a bit. Looks like Wild Bill and possibly Dolphin Gal behind him.
Mark reports Toby a head of him by 30 minutes or so; plan is to go straight through the night if the fog doesn't become an issue. paddle all day on Wednesday, catch a nap as the sun sets; get back up at midnight and then go straight through.
Could be a mid morning finish on Thursday which would put Mark in under 50 hours.

Gone Renagade ...

Last seen at Kaw Point headed east on "Black Rocket"; keep an eye out at Cooper's Landing; known to have relatives there.


An additional 16 boats will be tracked (if all goes well). You can visit the webpage here. Mike Rendon from Paddle24Seven working the magic
Here is the listing of boats with a Spot device.
0000-L'Pilotos d Rio
0008-The Aquaholics
0220-Los Humungos
0888-Jim Doggett
1310-Barry Brown
1954-Mammas Boys
4523-Bruce Palin
6119-Rear Nkd Choke
8812-Boats & Bro's
9995-Mark Bramer
Good luck everyone!! WaterTribe is tracking some players too; Look screen Top Right for mobile updates as well!! >>>>

Monday, August 23, 2010

Let the abuse begin...

The abuse I am talking about is the van ride Mark had to endure with Toby. I mean come on, isn't the Misery 340 enough pain and suffering?
The MR340 and all it's twists turns extreme heat and mud is no match for a 300 mile van with Tobinator.
So once again I'm sitting at the computer whilst the boys of Kruger take it to the river; Toby has brought the the infamous "Black Rocket" and Mark with his newly gel coated Sea Wind to the Dance.
The "Beautiful Dreamcatcher" award goes to Wild Bill and his trend setting kilt! You know what Bill wears under his kilt... It's a don't ask don't tell scenario!! Nice boat William!
All sorts of boats, a couple of skinny "Twiggy" type kayaks up against the robust "Beyonce" Sea Wind. To each their own....
Not sure why Mark sent me this photos; I think he is into men's knees or something... That could be RiverJohn's Sea Wind forefront; I could be wrong.
No not a scene from the terrible I mean terrible movie Piranha; No not Haitians escaping the wrath of mud; No it's Beauties and Barnacles in their Bad A$$ Dragon Boat.
21 twisted individuals pull together to make history:
Christina Glauner, Lawrence, KS Lisa Grossman, Lawrence KS Eric Farris, Branson, MO Jonathan Redfern, Mascoutah, IL Joseph Ringling, Chesterfield, MO Black Coffee, Smithville, MO Doug Jennings, Kansas City, MO Scott Swafford, Columbia, MO Ken Tilford, Edwardsville, KS Will Murphy, Hollywood, FL Jeff Barrow, Columbia, MO Ryan Mason, Davie, FL Rick Wise, Columbia, MO Sean Butler, Pittsboro, NC Mark Handley, Holt, MO Krista Patterson, Harrisonville, MO Kelly Sumner, Harrisonville, MO Barry Brown, Ft. Worth, TX Joseph Heger, St. Louis, MO
All worth mentioning as they are raising monies for Shriners Hospital for Children. Check out their website!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Team Kruger takes on the mighty Mo

The MR340 starts August 24th at 8am. 340 miles down the Missouri River starting in Kansas City and finishing in St. Charles. Many Kruger Sea Winds and even a Dreamcatcher will be in the mix. The water is high, the current is fast and the strainers are big and bad!

WaterTribe will follow along with Spot maps so you can look in at all hours of the day and night. Column (webpage upper right) will have mobile pictures and SPOT access for your viewing pleasure!