Wednesday, January 28, 2009

UHHC Breaking News!!

The UHHC planning group met today at Jim Woodruff's River House and, among other things, decided to loosen up the rules. We are eliminating the Kruger style expedition rules which required Challengers to be entirely self sufficient, carry all food and gear and get no assistance from land teams except at check points. The core group of five or six Challengers still intends to go the no-help Kruger way and camp out every night.

Thus we are inviting experienced canoeists to take up the Challenge and come along with whatever arrangements for land-team or family support, motel nights, take-out meals, car-top portages, home furloughs or any other amenities that might facilitate your joining the trek.

Mark Przedwojewski of Kruger Canoes will be passing the official word. The Challenge still starts April 17 at Belle Isle in the Detroit River.

Don't forget the Quiet Water Symposium at MSU March 7 and the Hugh Heward Challenge 50 miler on the Grand April 25.

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