Sunday, April 25, 2010

It's a Wrap!!

The Heward party went downstream on the Detroit River into Lake Erie, then upstream on the Huron River. They eventually worked their way to the divide between the Lake Erie and Lake Michigan watersheds, portaged their canoes and goods into a tributary of the Grand River and then paddled down the Grand to Lake Michigan. In effect, they took a shortcut across Michigan's Lower Peninsula. Once in Lake Michigan they skirted the coast east and south all the way to Chicago.
The Hugh Heward is seen as a warm-up by many marathon canoe racers. It's a wrap as a special plaque was awarded to Jim Woodruff after the 10th runnng of the Hughy.
I'm tell'n ya, if you have experienced Michigan paddling, you're missing out on great country and even better people. The Hugh Heward is a great place to start!

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