Friday, August 27, 2010

Finish Line Festivities

Let the festivities begin! As racers and challengers make their way down the mighty Mo. Participants now become spectators as they cheer in the remainder of the field.
Plenty of time for socializing; Mark met up with a Kruger design Loon owner who is a big part of Heifer International. From Nepal to Tanzania, they give back to the world.

Like an auto car rally, participants love to talk about their rides, line'em up and let's see what you brung. All shapes and sizes; crazy space age designs and the sublime. Check out the diversity in rudders; these are for the most part river specific craft.

A look down river's edge shows a smack ling of craft; good to see a couple of Kruger boats standing out in the crowed. From the sounds of the participants, it was one heck of a ride down river. Woo Hoo to all the competitors!

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