Sunday, May 22, 2011

Whacker Update 4

Mark Jack and Jake SPOT 6:41AM

Splish Splash ~

Mark called at 6:49 AM, it would appear a rock garden took Jack by surprise and he went for a swim, nothing like an early morning dip in the pond to wake you up in the morning; Already in the 60's so they dumped water and kept pushing onward. They're a couple miles down the Chip already hoping to turn the corner and make the Pine. Mark Reporting

Out of the Mist~

The Jet (Ben) hit the Chippewa Nature Center at 11:46 PM. Nearly missed the canoe launch in the dark and drizzle, but found it and is now putting up his tent since he couldn't talk me into picking him up in the middle of the night. Hoping to stay dry and get some sleep once the coffee and Snickers wear off. Quote of the night "OK, I gotta go sleep now. Can you bring food and dry underwear with you tomorrow?" Emily Reporting.

Nothing like taking your canoe for a walk~

Mark dropped me a quick message at 9:40 PM that they completed the portage and are going to bed down for the night, looking for a big push tomorrow. Jake Jack and Mark are all traveling together, everyone in good spirits.

Kathy Lischkge has called but we keep missing each other due to bad cell coverage; she's out there checking on people as they make their way around the course.

Missed the time of the call~

Carl Cole called to say that Todd Cesar is around two miles from the portage and will grab some ZZZ's before portaging; sounds like he is doing well. Cesar legacy - click here

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