Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Kruger Canoe's Fall Classic - Wisconsin River Trip

September 2013

Casa Weber's pre-departure party on Saturday the 28th - camping available in my yard or at Sand hill Crane state park, right down the road; we usually go out for dinner and cocktails within walking distance of my house.

(On the water Sunday to Saturday, leaving Sunday as a travel day)
... 5 day river trip on the Wisconsin River - Sauk City to Wyalusing - We leave around 7 am on Sunday morning the 29th to drive to the put in; I am organizing a shuttle so we don't have to drop vehicles and leave them un- attended; it worked out last year as we had vans and a trailer; this may change as numbers grow and we might have to go with a shuttle for hire; most likely get out at Bridgeport do to camping restrictions at Wyalusing and the non-stop (every 15 min) trains that roll on through following the rivers edge.

Some peeps will be arriving on Friday the 27th which is a free day to explore Legendary Lake Mills and the surrounding area.

This is a fun trip / float with many options for those that want to be challenged, many areas to be explored; sand bars, islands, backwaters etc.

more information to follow.

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