Monday, April 14, 2014

Campus to Coast - 2014 the untold stories

As we wait in anticipation for the untold stories to seep from the depths of murky waters, not to mention the lack of any real information, the untethered introduction is left to me.  I apologized in advance if references leave you woozy and unsteady of gate.
Most of my musings are fabled tales - met with wincing eye; as for me -the author - a rum guzzling, Oreo eating self proclaimed poet, I enjoy the simple things, these preposterous musings of fictitious lore.

The C2C event, highly symbolic, full of hidden meanings - launching the reader into a labyrinth of obscure ramblings, rejecting all basic storytelling principles. Like a mixed sea one must hold fast, endure what cometh.

more rum...

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WindwardMark said...

Spectacular! Melville would be proud. The symbolism is indeed thick.