Sunday, July 12, 2015

Kruger Cannonball 2015 - end cap

They did it while living on Spizz and Red Bull

The word on the river is Team Kruger finished in 19 hours and 15 minutes; with the beer flowing freely and fried food cometh post haste, life is good.

Here at Kruger International Headquarters [west of the big pond wild seafaring tales / adventure division] we search desperately for answers. The burning question: Where's my frozen Snickers bar?

I'll leave tales of sleeping at locks and one haul carries up mountains and drunken debauchery (say it ain't so) to those that did the event; Mark and Lauren are sure to enlighten - click here for their blog.  From what I heard on low frequency 2 way radio, it was a hoot!


The Capt'n

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