Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tuesday Bushwhacker Updates

Jacob made it to the portage at 5:55am this morning.

Mark & Matt's Spot shows that they arrived back to Lumber Jack Park at 1:08pm!! Congrats guys...great job!! :-)

Jack checked in around supper time, said he he's doing well and hopes to be done tomorrow. He also mentioned the wildlife & scenery has been awesome.

Theresa said Carl didn't get as far today as she hoped. She met him at the Mission Rd. Bridge (old 27) and fed him a hot supper of coney dogs and cold Dr. Pepper. He wanted her to relay a complaint to Scott about his boat.....he says that the motor doesn't work worth a ...., and the air conditioning isn't funtioning! Sure is good to see he still has a good sence of humor :-) Theresa thinks the heat is taking a toll on him...thinks he should be drinking more water. She said he's happy the awards ceremony is delayed a day, and said we better save him some hotdogs!

Jacob finished at Lumber Jack Park at 7:45 pm....another aesome job!!

Kathy L.

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