Monday, May 24, 2010

It's another hot one!

Jacob called yesterday and reported he was at the McGrudger Bridge at 3:33pm

Jack called this morning at 6:30 and said he camped close to the next bridge past McGrudger, and was just getting ready to get back under way...first on his agenda was to find a drinking water source.

Mark called at 12:30, they were just getting ready to make the Mt Pleasant portage, they are doing well and expect to finish tonight in the early morning hours!

Theresa Cole sent me a note this morning telling me she looked for Carl last evening but never caught up with him. He ended up camping between the Homer & Meridian Rd. bridges last night. Emily did spot Mark & Matt at the Buck's Run Golf Coarse between 6:15 & 6:30pm as they were searching for Carl. They are meeting Carl this morning for some water...and a Dr. Pepper he was dreaming of all day yesterday :-)

Jacob was at Mt. Pleasant's Island Park at 6:30pm.

Jack called at 9:45 pm, he just made it to US27, and says he's doing good!

Theresa just let me know Carl is settled on an island just past Coleman Rd. for the night. She said he sounds much better tonight, and he said he's going to finish "the sucker". Sounds like the pep talk and the treats she gave him this morning helped!~

No word today from Todd & Jerry and Brian today.

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