Saturday, May 12, 2012

Bushwhacker (BtB) - prelude

Scouting run on the Maple river in lieu of the up-coming Bushwhacker

"What was interesting was the Maple river trail guide put out by the friends of the Maple river has that mileage in it and they were right on. Their maps are also very good and I would suggest to any one to use it as a good reference.
We never had to get out of the canoes for down fall in this 30 miles with the river being high at 425 cfs. Their are a lot of times when the river widens out and slows down and is hard to see where the current is going in these places. Their were times when we would paddle out of the main channel and have to paddle thru the woods to get back in it. For those die hearts that wanna paddle at night with a light it will cause a big problem for them. 
Other then that their is plenty of water to paddle up-river with a moderate current, this should not be to hard. What will take the most time will be the last 30 miles with all the dead fall. It took Mark and Jack 20 hours to do it a month ago and they told me that that kept at it . Should be very interesting."  Dan Smith

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