Sunday, May 20, 2012

Bushwhacker update 10

 2:45pm est

Brian Keel snaps a quick shot of Dan Smith as they just pass Hwy 127; it is a scorcher out there especially so early in the year. Paddling to shade is a motivator, resting and keeping hydrated a must.

 2:39pm est
Jack taken a short  break it is a scorcher. I'm not sure us on lookers really understand how tough this event is.  I tried getting up off the couch 25 times in a an hour and I am pooped; throw in the hot skillet of the Maple, whew, a man has to know his limitations.

3:18pm est
Michael Doty our man in the "Bush" doing some field reporting states that Mike and Bruce are at Shepardsville Bridge; Mike has had the hiccups for a while and a sour stomach to boot. Michael Doty hopefully can get his some electrolytes as he is down to just pure water and paying dearly.

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