Friday, August 10, 2012

A word from Poppy Nipper

All of this from a guy sleeping under a tarp

OK, this should work better for some. (yea I cleared it with Monster paddler Jack.)
Us mere mortals will start Sunday with a starting time of around noon. Daily mileage will be reduced to less then 20 or even less. (final ending point not yet established.) looking for help here?  We should start looking for a camp site around 1630 or so and departure should be before 0900. All of this depends on whom shows up, absolutely no one will be left behind. Those that wish to go fast and not look-see and visit are free to do so, just have a good supply of fire wood on site. (a bow saw makes short work) one cuts a whole bunch gather.
This should make this a more relaxed fun trip and not an expedition.
What Master Jack wants is a fun trip that anyone can do and a lot of interaction between the group. Hey it’s the journey not where we end up on this one.
I would say throw in your 2 cents but any, any thoughts on a stopping point or getting boats back with there vehicles is worth a quarter at least.  I did have a local offer to volunteer on this for a limited amount of boats. Hey the Kruger way, we will work it out.
Oh yea any hard core can always do  Mushroom and then catch up and still play at a subdued pace. 
Any thoughts or changes have at it and share.
Come on now and commit for a fun easy adventure. Lets make this a fun trip!
toby  aka (Poppy Nipper)          

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