Saturday, August 11, 2012

Ponder this paddler poopers

 Dogs, black powder and Armadillo welcome on the Muskegon .

Ok since I opened my mouth and have been making a lot of phone calls here is what should work for most for a laid back trip. (yea you still gonna have to paddle some.)

 Leave Sunday from Cadillac Rd. Finish Friday, Saturday at somewhere around Rodgers Dam. You should have at least a Gazetteer or be able to Map Quest this. (96 or so miles.)

We could go on another 35 miles to Newago but this would require three portages one that is described in the book as a mile long. (I am carrying a lawn chair and wine.) This trip on the river should allow most all of us to finish the run with no portages.

Those that are more inclined to a full on adventure have at it and tie in with tough ones. (better know what ya getting into.) Yes there will be some tough section but just work thru it. Mileage per day will be higher than a float trip and harder on this river but lower than a full event.

I really want to do this with people I know and want to meet others and just have an easy trip with a lot of laughs. Jack and Mark will be with us for part of this and anyone wishing to go hard with them should do so.

As of now if enough interest I will try and set this part of the trip up as far as shuttles and so on. Any one with a more pervasive voice than mine let me know and I will give you the phone numbers to call. (I do not have a mid western accent.)

Hard to tell ain’t it. All I have on this river is what is in the Michigan river book. Really need a head count. Are you going Yes? (Master) Maybe? (Newbie) Whiner (beginner) and show up at the last minute.

If I am really out of bounds here holler and I will be quite. toby (Poppy Nipper)

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