Saturday, April 11, 2015

C2C campus to coast (update 5)

The game is afoot; thank you to all that have sent riveting information, pictures and satiric view of the event; you inspire me.  Thank you Pat, Amanda, Carl, Emily, Mark, Jim, its a pleasure!

Carl who is part of the advanced team doing recon on the lower section of the Grand river comes up with this!! The Hammer is in the house!! Oh yeah it appears Jack "the hammer" came out to play and has "dropped" in on the team - moving fast and stealth. A communique with others in the field confirm - calls have been made, fleece has been abandon, the gloves are off,  it's all about where the paddle meets the water.

So there was a little research being done and we thought where might ManitouCruiser be? Is he up to his ole tricks and shenanigans, is he in play; so a check of the SPOT puts him right in the thick of it, we are tracking him a the Lansing Factory Outlet Mall; most likely shopping for a prom dress.

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