Saturday, April 11, 2015

C2C campus to coast (update 7)

The Hammer - playing a game of "Marko Polo" on the C2C

Yesterday's weather is playing a big factor in the C2C  high winds, rain and temperatures in the low 30's are testing everyone's will to keep pushing on; eat rest and eat again before making any decisions is right out of the Team Kruger Best Practices Manual - page 3, section 2(c); right under the section easier said then done and above don't touch that its hot.

SPOT's need to be reset every 24 hours; hard to keep tabs on these rabble rousers when they don't update SPOT; Don't make me send Emily out there to give you a "how bout what for" she has three minions in tow and is in no mood!!  :-) [enter laugh track]

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