Monday, March 7, 2011

EC 2011 - Update 11

6:32am EST
Confusion or just the nature of the challenge.
Conflicting reports on the finish of the EC; Class 5 multi-hulls make short order of the Everglades Challenge. Reports from the discussion board.

SPOT shows Bumpy and Macho Man in just before midnight with Sew Sew following at around 0530. Both navigated Fl Bay in the dark, no small feat on it's own. Well done to both these veteran class 5 teams. DaveOnCudjoe

last night I clearly saw Sew Sew into the finish first on the challenge mapper about five or ten minutes before Bumpy. Fatfrank

Randy Smyth aka Sewsew is at the finish, according to MapViewer. Well, almost at the finish.OK, now he is at the finish and Tornado closing a lot faster than I thought. CrazyRussian

This was the most exciting race that I have ever witnessed! WOW! And it still continues. I hope that I can play next year. And there is still a whole lot more to still happen yet. ThereAndBackAgain

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