Sunday, March 6, 2011

EC 2011 - Update 9

5:28pm EST
Capt'n shucking his duties out paddling the Wisconsin River; Bad Dog Bad!! Ben drops a quick message to say it was quite an ordeal getting into CP 1; crazy winds and chop but they made it! A bit of a rest top off of H2O and they will be off!
6:23am EST
It's all about attitude.
Day One proved a test for the mettle of kayakers and canoeists as sail-boaters worked their magic easily tacking up into a south southeast breeze.
Choppy conditions and relentless head wind makes for a long day on the end of a paddle, constant paddling needed to make any headway; there are a lot of boats still working their way to CP1. In comparision last years times to CP 1 were 8 hours + faster; It's a tough ever changing event for sure.
Tales of lost SPOT's, broke equipment and hull damage frequent the Discussion Board; but being called back to the starting line to move your car was a new one. SOS and Danceswithsandybottom made up time significantly and are back in the hunt for class5 mono hull.
Well there is really only one thing to do in these desperate times of non participation; its go paddle. A bunch of us are heading to the Wisconsin River to get our paddles wet and watch the eagles soar. Just another great day to live in the America's.
Good information an brilliant writing at: - Kiwi's Blog
Photos of the start - click here (runs as slide show)

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Chris said...

So far, I like what is ahppening out there on the water. The Class 3 boats are holding their own, while the blistering fast multihulls of Smyth and Bumpy are way, way, down course doing a serious horizon job on the entire fleet.

The wind will clock around to a full East and then NE condition later today/ When it does, I'm looking for Ben Algera and his wife, Emily, to step it up by flying their asymmetrical spinnaker. That should up the game considerably, by putting away serious miles against the Class 3 boats that are now traveling in a loosely gathered mob.

Looks like lots of fun out there.