Thursday, March 10, 2011

EC 2011 Update 19

It 's a crazy mixed up world out there and Chief is smack dab in the middle of it; God only knows what happened? Speculation; Equipment failure in adverse conditions? Who knows... this is why being in Key Largo for the finish is so much fun; all the tales of adventure..
Not sure why Ben and Emily did the big Chokoloskee loop; it appears they are back at CP 2. We hope all are safe and enjoying one heck of an EC adventure!!
The Capt'n

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bjalgera said...

Hey all, Macatawa and NorthernLight here. I'm sorry to say that we had to bail out. I could not sail upwind with our deeply reefed sail. Gave paddling a go, but didn't have enough water or time to get to Flamingo on the WW. The XCR with all its freeboard was really difficult to paddling upwind and we did not have enough training for paddling. :(

As you say, the boat was bombproof, nothing broke, and we stayed dry through the wild downwind rides of Sunday night and Monday.

Despite not finishing, we still had a great adventure, had some great experiences, and look forward to more adventures in the XCR.

Macatawa and NorthernLight