Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Ultra- Mitt 2015

 Pressing on to Detroit, Manitou runs into some familiar faces. Mark and Lauren put in and chase him down around Grassy Island.  The wonders of SPOT comes in handy when you're hunting big game.

 Manitou pushes on, boat looks balanced and squared away; Mark reports having a great day, 46 miles into the trip when he checked in; just about to the Ambassador Bridge. He is feeling pretty good, though going through that first day can be daunting as your body adjusts and you get into the routine.

 Here is a shot of Mark and Lauren coming along side; it's always nice to see peeps out on the water. offering a bit of encouragement.

 They grow'em big in the Midwest; here's a cargo ship riding high; there is something eerie about just ole cargo ships in inland waters. 

It's a share the waterway moment; you definitely what to give right away and stay clear; menacing presence on the water; mysteries of the deep and freighters of the great lakes.

Factoid: Approximately 6,000 shipwrecks have occurred on the Great Lakes with the death toll totaling upwards of 30,000 lives.

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