Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Ultra-Mitt - the adventure continues

Lets first just start by saying Manitou is safe and made the right call getting off the water; but lets also say he is one crazy dude having an adventure of a life time.  (you can't make this stuff up)

So back to the Ambassador Bridge two nights ago at around 1130p he was pulled over by the border patrol who saw suspicious activity (paddling a worn torn canoe at night).  The threat was ominous, armed with nothing more than a jug of SPIZZ and a boat that looks like it was from hell and back - he had to be smuggling something?  BP detained Mark for about 30 minutes as they tried to sort out what this rabble-rouser was up too - enter the cool writings of you know who (me) and a well designed website they surmised Manitou was for real after checking things out and everyone calmed down. Personally I was hoping for a full cavity search and a tear down of all gear, but internet service was good and they could see he was who he said he was.

So Manitou has pulled out and camped for the night; assessing the weather it looks like 5 days of shear hell on the water; Station in Port Huron is showing 30kt winds and 6-7 foot waves at the offshore buoy... the narrows of the river were ridiculously rough - so the walk ensued.

The cart under heavy load started to deteriorate and Manitou came upon a pallet factory (tearing apart old pallets for firewood) and asked for some assistance - with a little ingenuity and some strapping the cart was good to go.

Go where you ask? Off to the Regatta Bar home of Killian's on Tap and water front accommodation; the proprietors were eager to help and share in the adventure; even offered their own story of the narrows where smugglers crossed the border into the US from Canada.

We're looking at a 5 day weather hold so to speak - 26 miles to Port Huron - and 5 days to get there, no problemo.

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