Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Ultra-Mitt - the kruger handbook

Look familiar UF participants past and present

You've heard me reference in this telling tale and previous stories (embellishments of fact true or not) of the  "Kruger Handbook"  - every Kruger Canoe owner gets one, it's part of the Kruger experience.  Now shhh, we got an adventure going on.

Page 1, chapter 1 first entry out of the Kruger Handbook- "Keep it moving" - OK so Mark checks in and informs me he has found shelter; already has his tent up and has a fully belly (there is rumor he went to Dairy Queen, denied service - bought the place so he could make a triple cheeseburger with organic soybean and essential oil ); going to grab a hot shower, slip into his jammies and sleep for the next 12 hours.

The plan: keep it moving; tomorrow if conditions still look dicey - we walk.

Manitou came prepared, he brought his cart; Quote "I never paddled in more confused water. Between wind waves, tug/freighter waves and never ending seawalls of doom - it's a washing machine x20"

So it's a two day stroll of picking pebbles out of your shoes and sore feet to get up to Lake Huron by foot and cart; now luck plays a big part as we hope the weather cooperates when he gets there.

Stay Salty,

The Capt'n

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