Monday, March 22, 2010

FC Update #53

CrazyRussian Reports:
Strong headwinds. River is not wide enough to sail, shores are not inflatable boat friendly either. It is not a current, it is wind killing me. I'm 4 miles away and I can not make it now. Very frustrating. Taking short brake than continue. My back hurts. I guess one day of training I took recently wasn't enough.
RunnigMouth Reports:
60 N Miles To Fort Clinch SP, Staying inside, I'm just north of St Augustine. The wind and chop on the water building fast! Gonna stop to eat, charge my phone, and get a current local knowledge weather report.
Pelicans Oldest Chick Reports:
My son wanted to call Pelican earlier this morning and he actually answered. He was on dry land in his tent, but I am not really sure where. His grandson had a lot of talking to do (he is 4) so my time was very limited. He seemed to be doing well though and was in good spirits. When my son got off the phone with him he had this crazy notion that Pelican is going to take him on a trip when he gets back...we will see about that one!! According to Jackson they will be taking a tent, I think I am going to need a few more details on this one (and maybe a few drinks)!! If I talk to him again and find out more info I will let you know.~Pelican's Oldest Chick
Whitecaps Reports:
Continue down Suawanee. Trying to catch Manitou Cruiser. Had a very good rest. Was just too tired to continue yesterday. It is still a race.

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