Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Following the UF 2010

Patty P. Reports: 9:05am (Brownie Lady from Hell Creek MI) in FLA.

The wind has been horrendous here the past 3 days since the rain ended...... I followed the guys on SPOT and went out last night to the Indian River here in Titusville.......kept calling my husband to check the computer as Wizard came sailing by first.....about a half mile offshore.
I could see him but it got darker and darker and he was harder to see with no moon. By the time Wizard got to the Drawbridge I was at the boat launch and it was WINDY, DARK, Big waves crashing on the launch ramps.....I could not see him at all as he went under the drawbridge heading north!!!! I drove back and forth over the bridge but he was invisible.....just saw a few lights from moored sailboats.
Toby and Mark were well behind him and I knew they too would be hard to see to so I gave up. Toby and Mark ended up going under the Drawbridge and through Haulover Canal in the wee hours of the morning........ I didn't want to stay up all night trying to get a glimpse of them.....sure wish I could have caught them during the day.
I was busy the rest of today with scheduled activities and I just checked their progress tonight.....they are making good time!!! There is a possibility I might be able to catch up with them tomorrow if they don't get too far north......won't know for sure till tomorrow......The winds have finally died which is good.....but maybe not too good if you are sailing..... Take care.....will keep you posted if I see them....

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