Tuesday, March 30, 2010

WaterTribe Top 10 Tips!

10. You can't have a wilderness experience if you aren't really in the wild - (get off your patio, back away from the grille) Get out there!

9. Your neighborhood Rednecks are not considered wildlife, put the camera down before you're arrested.

8. Camping out of your boat is better then a 3 star Howard Johnson's. Really, trust me.

7. If you are a kayaker, adopt a canoer, you'll enjoy the luxury of all the goodies he's carrying.

6. If a Tribe member is using a 23 year old tent to camp; camp up wind.

5. Spare the rod; it's not a fishing trip.

4. There's plenty of time for sleep in the grave, paddle.

3. Don't take firewood for granted. You'll make a fire, plan for it.

2. Don't give up, don't throw up. Eat, Drink Be Merry!!

Number one reason to do a WaterTribe event!

1. Making miles; brings on smiles!

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