Friday, March 26, 2010

FC Update #70

Mark on the move, when he called he said he was going to stay outside. Has one reef in the sail and is making really good time. 31 miles at 4 mph puts him in somewhere around 3:00am.
Chief, Saltyfrog and I imagine a homeless person or two will be on hand for the finish. It's either a late night or early morning, depends if your a glass is half empty or half full sort of guy.
Chief is trying to coordinate a few things tonight/tomorrow; video of the finishes tonight with Mark, Toby and Matt, (not necessarily in that order, there is a heated battle for second place)then a road trip to get Snore a SPOT on the walk of tears.
Mark will finish tonight as he has had two back to back of good night sleeps... so he is all in for the finish.

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