Thursday, February 20, 2014

Bober's Bootcamp 2014 - 4 star remote camping

Well I thought I'd seen it all with 55 trips around the sun; but the hardcore Bober's Bootcamp went soft on me; picnic tables, sweet blue eyed parrots, what next!! - Powerboats and coolers?   :-)

Sources close to the action report plenty of adventure in this trip along with a little excitement in the OC6 and a close call with a day marker piling; my sources tell me it took all they got to thread the needle and keep from tearing up the boat; the way I hear it the piling gave as much as it got but lost out in the end;  OC6 1 vs. Piling 0.

Reports of everyone having a good time switching it up from OC6 to Sea Wind; off the water on Saturday with the eye on the ball readying for the Everglades Challenge.

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