Monday, February 3, 2014

Toby offers resources for the weary

Dear Krugerhreads, I kinda want an all in one place for those that are doing it and those that are starting. So please add or correct me. And someone smarter than me save it somehow or tell me how to!
All stainless steel fittings including machine screws & nylock nuts  should be 316. The 316 is the alloy rating and this is the most rust resistant. A good way to cherry pick SS is to use a magnet. If it sticks it will rust.
I use 8-32 for the diameter and thread pitch, ranging in length from 1 1/4 down to 1/2 in. for length. I use pan head and flat head. Also flat washers.      Love Toby this mcmaster carr. For rudder cables you want 1/16  7x7 strand. Don’t forget the end stops. I also buy my machine screws, skirt snaps, and snap tool, drill bits, milling bits, and a lot of other stuff from here. They have it all.  I use a 10X10. I have both the 1.1 and the 1.9 weight. The 1.1 packs smaller and is lighter but cost more. 1.1 is not really worth it for fun trips.I use his line for my tie outs, and my mentor gave me some of Dans 12 in Easton stakes that I rely on for the beach sand. My favorite pole for the tarp. Two work for most of the time. Three all the time. Have never found a cheaper way around this that works with strong winds every time. I use the microfibre one,. Never searched or wanted to try anything else, I be done with my bug shirt search. Hot in the summer so maybe someone could try the cotton one. Not me as I do this a lot and do not take care of my stuff so it would rot for me.   When you just need a little no see um protection. Strangest place I ever found a head net. This one works and can be stuck in your pocket. (order at least ten and give them away, or sell them for $100.00 apiece at the right time.) My tents have a more or less 1 foot square area at the roof that is not screen. I spray this on the inside and the bottom inside corners. Works awesome. I have watched them fall dead to floor many a night. No more little blood filled fat bodies walking around in the morning after a midnight pee.  Also good on the vents on my Sunday Afternoon hat that I wear all the time for no see ums. There are recipes for make your own on various forums but to much work and maybe unsafe for me. Never camp without it. Any breeze at all and is useless. For me has never worked on flying teeth. On a still night in the summer on a beach or back country site it is awesome.
This one was a gift, and has really impressed me. For what I do in races and fun trips it always goes. I even have a spare now. I do not like to recommend these as they have some growing pains. I own over ten of them, so I have faith. My favorite are a 502D for camp use, AA batteries. No reflector so all flood with a tint that shows all colors with no glare. (plus face glows in the dark to find stuff and comes on in low mode) The 600 series are my head lamps. 18650 batteries. I have a neutral for rivers and back country, and a cool white one for off shore. All my lights are on rechargeable batteries as I could not afford to run them on primary batts. with my trips. All my hand held lights are custom done with a lot of tweaks.. I will run Zebra head lights with one custom handheld in this years EC.      Cuben fiber, cord locks, and light weight stuff sacks. I also have the down hood he advertises here and a couple of cuben tarps.. The down hood is the same as Goose feet. I have his socks and hood. Wow, warm in the snow for me proven. I have the ftrss system from him that goes colder than I plan on ever going. I have used part of this. I did his 20 degree bag down to 17 verified and slept without being cold, with some extra clothes. I have a set of light waterproof leggings, and a pad. (I never yet used the pad.) I just ordered his poncho liner. Bill Fite gave me a military issue one that I like. This one will let me compare them. Those that have not used a liner, you are missing out on a nice trip option for being warm. In Florida I just bring this on some trips. I also carry one of his pillows with my Exped inflatable to muffle my whimpering at night as it is a requirement on some of our trips.        bungee cord, pad eyes, and my back rest came from here.  This is the cart I use. Mark, Dawn, Bob, Stan, Dave, and a few others use it. Mark has done the 40 mile portage three times, Dawns twice, and mine once. I have hauled my boat many miles in Michigan with mine. Dave uses his weekly. The two boats at the top are mine on the left and Marks on the right. both on this cart. We pulled them to Fargo, 40 miles. This was Marks third trip here with the same cart just different wheels. We used mine and Bobs to portage the 39 ft. OC6 at Flamingo.
These are my Glades Girls. These two are tough.  Been there done that and know their way around, and go in comfort. You want to see team work camp here. Awesome Lady! You need to navigate off the normal places, here is the one you go to.  You want to catch a fish, here's your guide. She does need a rod sponsor as she breaks one now and again. Let it cycle and watch the slide show. Gotta love Connie. World class picture stuff for sure. This is a huntress that stalks and collects her prey. I have watched her work, pretty awesome! Awesome primer for trips in the Glades. I really need to get involved with this.

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