Saturday, February 15, 2014

Bober's Bootcamp 2014

Well a storm has blown through the south and landed right in Stan's front yard; no I am not talking about the winter storm that crippled Atlanta  (note: Michigan travelers it was damp pavement) I digress - it was those hard hitting Krugerheads gearing up for Bob Bradford's Paddling Boot Camp.

Presently they are headed down to Everglades City; here are the players thus far:

Bob Bradford
Janet Bradford
Mike Smith
Michael Doty
Sandy Krueger
Stan Hanson
Everett Crosier
Toby Nipper

I believe there are two others participating, but I do not have their names; getting information from this crew is pain-staking; all they want to do is paddle and leave us "the weary" to wonder.

Remember when Bob says 0800, he really means 0745. :-)  also we have SPOT links to the right; still trying to work out the bugs in the system but should be working shortly - Sandy's is on now and current.

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