Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Bober's Bootcamp - A success!!

Received a few calls updating me on the great time everyone had on the boot camp; it was an overwhelming success!!  For those that went down as a kick off to the 2014 paddling season in the Midwest, you made a good call as the ice and snow and sleet and rain and more of the same continue; we live in a time where polar vortex is common place; on a the positive side the rivers lake and streams we love will have plenty of water this season.

So as some head back, others stay in preparation for the Everglades Challenge; interesting thing about the challenge is you never know what is going to happen in regards to weather (wind, rain, heat and cold) it is a mystery that has to be experienced.

The Kruger Players for the upcoming EC:

MicroTom (aka Tom Dyll) and WaterLily (aka Erika Dyll) - father daughter team; close to my heart as I did the EC with Boo my daughter in 2008

NiteNavigator (aka Bob Bradford) and whitecaps (aka toby nipper) - ole salts with a lot of grit; they say the ain't racing... yeah right...

Peacepaddler (aka Sandy Krueger) - solo female, energized and alive; born to the outdoors.

WindwardMark (aka Mark Rowe) and LeewardLauren (aka Lauren Fry) - tandem of the year award; beat out Toby and Bob by two votes  :-) - Got bit hard by the Kruger paddle bug, tearing it up ever since.

Well there you have it, our Kruger Court  Everglades Challenge 2014!  Good luck to all on the adventure; enjoy, inspire and be safe!!

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