Sunday, March 2, 2014

EC 2014 - 2.0

The whining has dissipated; I realized it was all about character and needed an attitude adjustment; so I went out - 6 degrees and shoveled another 4"of snow in my boxers and slippers; nothing like a little adversity to put things into perspective (down internet is nothing to the man in boxers, the upside to this fable is the neighbors called the police and I will get my picture in the paper..... again)

Danny reports Sandy still taking a well deserved rest at CP 1; other Team Kruger members have topped off water and left.

Sandy text 631 est stating her alarm did not go off; running her CP checklist getting underway shortly; Bob and Toby appear to be up and moving about.

Previous whining posted on FB

Well I got up at 3am central time to update the kruger blog and sneek onto the mapper while traffic was minimal; as my luck would have it internet access is sketchy; Now I am doing a bit of whinning cause I am not sure if it my laptop or internet provider; I had high hopes, like a boy on prom night.

Thank goodness for our man in the field Danny Laboy who has picked up the ball and been updating via FB; and a big shoutout to Ben Benjamin Algera who is working with the NSA and... accessing data, encrypted files and posting; the effort these two have put in is above my pay grade. A dip of the paddle to you both.

From what I have gathered from my limited sources team Kruger Canoes has cleared or is at CP 1; the mapper is down and I can't seem to log into the SPOT database, so I am useless.

Sandy Krueger did call and say she was going to sleep a couple hours at the CP 1 and push on; call was around midnight.

I will attempt to log into the blog later this morning to see if I can post... adventure on, paddle paddle.

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