Monday, March 3, 2014

EC 2014 - 3.0

Picnic Island is a bit crowded with 15 WaterTribers camping on Day 2.

From top of the island clockwise: SailbirdMike, JammerJim, SwampG8r, TideRider, Dorsalis, DieTired/DieTired2, deke, PeacePaddler, OneEyedJake, Calypso, DancesWithWaves, BeastOarman, Ouachiski, and DivesWithKraken/WyomingWolf.

Lauren sent a voice memo from their tent at Wiggins Pass. They had a great day of sailing, plus some head winds. And dolphins! Photo is Mark somewhere around Bonita Beach, I think.
Marcia Fry - reporting.
Sandy called in stated she was dog tired, not from paddling but from being tossed around in the wakes of huge powerboats; well rested on her way to CP2.

Bob and Toby swing in behind Marco Island; I think they know a good place for breakfast and a decent watering hole

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