Saturday, March 1, 2014

EC 2014 - 1

Here's a quick pic post the mandatory team meeting from Friday; Toby, Sandy, Jan and Bob.  In case you live under an aluminum Grumman canoe, been buried up to your neck in snow (end of the month paperwork or tax returns) or just plain don't know what the heck is happening; we have the start of the Everglades Challenge in about 82 minutes.

What this means for you the viewer is a whimsical look at an amazing event by a bunch of adventure based hard hitting salty sea-dogs.  Now if you want facts and stats you are at the wrong website -  head to  - cause this ain't that place.

So from the command center at Kruger Canoes World Head Quarters - Midwest affiliate,  the stage is set; I'm prepared to live on black coffee vitamin C and Red-Hots to bring you the very best marginally humorous look at the event.  Coffee's on the boil, let's start this thing!!

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