Friday, August 22, 2014

45 Parallel Crossing day 3

The boys got bumped off the beach like two tots trying to ride a midget pony; so they packed it in and headed up the coast for another 5 miles or so looking for some real-estate that will support a couple a Krugerheads till the fog thins out.

But before they left, a huge thanks out to Sandy and Greg who trekked on up the coast and found the boys scuttled and hungry- fed like royalty ( I told you Sandy could cook) tucked in cradling the new GPS, things were looking up - but depression set in bring a fog bank thick and heavy.

So the plan is to wait it out and see what tomorrow brings; from this point on they are ready to head east make the jump if weather and water cooperate - So they will camp early get rest and be at the ready.  "Stow the grog and get ready to make way, single up all lines."

The Capt'n

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